Strugglah music is positive, with a global message. It brings in enlightenment and upliftment. Also creates an one love atmosphere, based on our humanitarian lyrics and our openmindness towards life.


Greetings! STRUGGLAH is a progressive, hardworking, determined, roots and culture Reggae band. STRUGGLAH came together on February 5th, 1995 and in 1997 they released their first album/CD entitled "Consciousness". In 2002, they continued to spread their message by releasing a single titled "Jah Jah Run De Earth". Staying committed to the music, by being consistent, active and true to the roots; In 2004, STRUGGLAH was blessed again to release their sweet and mellow second full length album/CD entitled "People All Over The World." This album was instrumental in bringing STRUGGLAH to the first ever MONTREAL INTERNATIONAL REGGAE FESTIVAL, in which they performed alongside THE ITALS, JUNIOR REID, JUNIOR KELLY and COCOA TEA. Over the years, along the musical journey, STRUGGLAH has been blessed to share the the stage with such foundation artists and bands, which include THE WAILERS, JIMMY CLIFF and BURNING SPEAR. Also STRUGGLAH backed up artists such as KEN BOOTH, LEROY SIBBLE, HALF PINT, CAROL BROWN and many more. STRUGGLAH has been most recently touring western Canada, with a strong focus on Calgary and surrounding areas. Currently the band has been getting much airplay and positive feedback in the Caribbean, which is shining a light towards a brighter future. Music is the voice of the people which expresses the desire for JUSTICE, PEACE and LOVE. ONE LOVE from STRUGGLAH


1. Consciousness(album)-Released 1997

2. Jah Jah Run De Earth(single)- Released 2002

3. People All Over The World(album)- Released 2004

Set List

On a typical night, we do two sets, at one hour to one hour and 15mins for each set. Depending on the nature of the event.

We do covers of Bob Marley and a bit of dancehall. Those songs are:
1. Heathen
2. So Much Things To Say
3. Exodus
4. Natural Mystic
5. Bellyful
6. Real Situation

List of our original songs:
1. My Home Is In My Head
2. Musical Thing
3. Truth Is The Truth
4. Jah Jah Run De Earth
5. People All Over The World
6. Rocky Road
7. Take Heed
8. Country Life
9. Maximum Raspect