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CAPTIAL NEWS – February 2004
Three acoustic guitars that intertwine and flow around each other; none dominating, each a supporting structure on the next. Australian trio, STRUM are masters of that enviable ability.
Original members, ROB BUNT and TIMO TOLVANEN have been joined by JEFF FLOOD, whose vocal, guitar and songwriting skills are well matched to the talents of this award-winning group.
With strong harmonies to complement the honest story-telling songwriting, the trio have found a very special formula.
In the opening track and first single, The Southerly, you almost sigh with relief as the heat of the day is broken by the cooling breeze. The picture it paints is vivid.
The follow-up single is touted to be The Weatherman, a cheeky appeal not to blame the guy who brings the weather news.
With ten other appealing tracks, there is simply not enough room here to sing their praises. You’ll just have to listen to the album.
One Stop/Independent
Deborah Minter
- Capital News

"Just Strumming Along"


Susan Jarvis

The voices of Strum’s Timo Tolvanen, Rob Bunt and Jeff Flood flow seamlessly together to create a sound that is unique, compelling and exquisitely beautiful.
But when you stop to listen to the songs themselves, you realise that there’s more to Strum than just harmonies - they also write wonderful music.
It’s been three long years since Strum released a recording, and the band has been transformed by the addition of a third member, something that happened quite unexpectedly.
"Rob and I were playing with some ideas for a new album when Jeff Flood called us one day. He had some songs he wanted to play us, and was keen to play guitar on the album. We sat down and started singing together, and it became really obvious that Jeff should join the band. I think he was a bit surprised at how quickly it all happened, but it’s been a great move," Timo said.
Now Strum have finally released their first full-length album, the self-titled Strum. Superbly produced by Roger Corbett, it captures their style perfectly — although that style is difficult to pigeonhole.
"I suppose we blend country with sprinklings of pop and folk, and the harmonies play a major part," Timo said.
"We’ve been described as everything from a contemporary country version of CROSBY, STILLS, NASH AND YOUNG or AMERICA to a male version of The DIXIE CHICKS — the Dixie Chicks with testosterone. I like that!"
Perhaps the best analogy is GRAEME CONNORS, who simply says he writes Australian music — music of our country, rather than country music. Strum fall squarely into the same category.
Over the past few years, Strum have notched up several successes. They took out the inaugural TIARA Award for Best Group/Duo, and received Top 10 Golden Guitar nominations with two of their singles, Bridges and Pocket Of My Jeans. Both of those songs, as well as the beautiful Cane Fire from their first EP, Distant Rain, received extensive radio airplay.
"We’ve enjoyed success with everything we’ve done, but been a bit sparse and scattered, so we never made a major impact. We’re planning to change all that with the release of this album," Timo said.
Strum will be launched at the 2004 Tamworth Festival, with the date and venue still to be decided — it will be a free show, open to the public, and will be advertised in festival gig guides.
Strum can only be described as a very special album. The songs are diverse, beautifully written and full of perceptive observations about contemporary Australia — its people, places and the issues we all face.
Strum has already released a "taster" for the album in the form of the first single, The Southerly. It’s a quintessentially Australian song which captures the cool breeze that springs up at the end of a long, hot day, and the taste of a cold beer after working hard in the sun.
"There’s a line in the song which says ‘My back is black from a thousand flies’, which is based on something I saw once when I was labouring for my dad. I’ve never forgotten it," Timo said.
A large part of the album’s charm is its quirky take on life, nowhere more evident than on the next single, The Weatherman.
"I was watching the weather on TV one night, and the weatherman was practically apologising because it was going to rain at the weekend. It turned into a song about not shooting the messenger," Timo said.
The album is packed with superb songs, most of them written by Timo, with both Rob Bunt and Jeff Flood contributing. Rob wrote the gentle Times Of Our Lives about his parents, and the song makes you stop and think about what’s important in life.
The funky Dig Deeper is a reminder not to take people for granted, and to look beyond the surface, while Three Things, with its gospel-inspired feel, has a strong message - all you need in life is someone to love, something to do and something to look forward to. Timo made the lap steel used on the song himself.
Being A Cowboy has a wonderful campfire feel. The song is a story of unfulfilled dreams spanning three generations. And Welcome Back To The World has a biblical message — it’s the tale of a prodigal son who is welcomed back despite his bad deeds.
The laid-back Narooma Sunrise is pure Strum — it’s about feeling out of place where you are, and wanting to get back to where you belong.
The album concludes with a stunning acoustic version of the classic ALLMAN BROTHERS instrumental, Jessica, featuring Mitch Farmer on drums.
Each song on the album provides an insightful snapshot of modern life, treating it with intelligence, sensitivity and humour.
In addition to their album launch, Strum will be performing at The Pub, The Longyard, the Country Comfort and at Coca-Cola Park during this year’s festival.

- Capital News


Distant Rain
Strum - Destinations



When music journalist Susan Jarvis described Strum’s music as “unique, compelling and exquisitely beautiful”, she very eloquently put into words what many audiences had experienced since the band’s inception as a trio in 2004. Following other glowing reviews and numerous performances, Strum garnered 9 nominations in various awards, including best new band and one for best instrumental against the likes of Tommy Emmanuel. Additionally, with the initial pressing of their self-funded album selling out, the general opinion was that Strum had arrived and fans were anxiously awaiting the next phase in the band’s career. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond their control, Strum didn’t play or record for most of 2005 and it was only half way through 2006 that the band was able to start recording and playing live again.
The good news is that Strum is back in action with renewed vigour and conviction and with a new album on the way. Strum is ready to launch an assault not only on the domestic market but also internationally.

• Strum is a former winner of the TIARA Award for Best Band
• Strum is currently recording a new album
• Strum had 2 charting singles from their previous CD
• Strum recorded 2 videos for the singles which were aired extensively