Hard hitting, hard working!! Always looking for the next opportunity, and then take advantage of it!! >>>COME SEE US LIVE!!!!!!


Basically, seeing us live, is the only way to get the real effect, as it is with most metal bands!!! We have opened for "Dry Kill Logic"..Exodus..Symphony X...and "The Devin Townsend Band"!!!! We placed fourth, out of nearly 400 bands in the 2003 Long Island Music Festival!!!! We will be performing in the 2004 Millenium Music Conference, as well as taking STRYK-9 on the road for the first time!!! Our song.."New Breed" was selected for the 2004, Millenium Music Conference, compilation!!!


Carve Your Name

Written By: STRYK-9

1st Verse: Everything I see, everyday, is all the same. Reborn inside a lie. Originality's lost, it's gone, it's died.
Pre-Chorus: But the stains that you leave. They seperate you fom me. But that should not be the only thing.
Chorus: What if you knew, that tomorrow was the end of you. Would you die alone?! A nameless, faceless clone. Would you scratch your name into the sand, or would you carve your name into this world!
2nd Verse: Everyday it seems the industry is draining the life out of all that's pure and right. Originality's lost, it's gone' it's died !
Breakdown: Don't you ever bend !
Like a mountain in the wind ! Strength comes from within, from within !!!


We have had some local airplay!! We've been on 95.3 WBAB, on "Finger's Metal Shop"....And on 98.5 The Bone, on "Bone Grown" We have two EP's, and a full length, titled, "The New Breed"!!!

Set List

"Carve Your Name"..."Slipping"..."Damn The Prophets"..."Questions Without Answers"..."New Breed"..."Silence"..."History Repeating"...1 set, usually 40 min.