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What began as a comic book about six heroes has now exploded into real life! You've never seen a story or soundtrack like this! Strykers Club's debut record 'Unleashed!' hit stores in August 2005 with global distribution.


Strykers Club is right on point when it comes to the pulse of popular music. Their club-bangin' jams have already rocked some of L.A.'s top-tier clubs. Furthermore, Strykers Club posesses the sort of musical depth (from hard rap/rock tracks to beautiful instrumentals) found only in the most enduring acts. Strykers Club is able to connect with audiences through its multi-ethnic roster, raw musical talent and truly original comic book origins. Whether a fan of hip-hop, rock, r&b or rap, you'll find ample reason to fall in love with their unique blend of music and art.

Unlike any other band in the history of music, Strykers Club actually began as a comic book! Penned by artist/illustrator Anwar, it all started with Surge Stryker, the youngest of eight 'unnatural' octuplets. Born into a top-secret lab known only as the D.E.M.O.N. Seed Project, young Surge and his siblings developed paranormal abilities at an early age. However, it soon became clear that he was different- an outsider. While his seven siblings ventured into the world and began aggressively consolidating the family interests, Surge was more interested in finding out the truth about their origins. Ironically, this search for the truth would find him embroiled in a deadly war with his own family's globe-spanning empire. Forced into hiding, in a calculated counter-move, he recruits seven other super-powered outcasts. Powerful as the new team is, they have little chance of survival against his family. That is, until Surge becomes aware of another mutant- one who might just tip the scales in their favor. This mutant is known to inhabit the underground Los Angeles club scene. Taking to the stage, Stryker and his band of surprisingly talented recuits begin a search through the dark and dangerous underground music scene for the mysterious mutant who holds the key to their survival. In the process, they unwittingly discover the deeper meaning of life, music and friendship.


The Boy You Knew

Written By: Strykers Club

(Jamaican rap)

She’s standing there, she’s talking to me
Pleading for forgiveness, I want to believe
From the moment I became a star
You’ve been tryin ta get close to my grip
You never thought that I would get this far
And now you’re tryin to pull the same old tricks

I went from rags to riches, no hoes to the baddest -------
--- to kick it, back in the day I would’ve been the last to hit it
Nowadays I don’t have to ask permission
(Yeah, lap dance and tippin)
Don’t get it twisted, I ain’t trickin
over here is big pimpin and Krys sippin
(Well, what about the cover admission?)
Stryker, why you flippin? I paid for your --- to get in
Now look at all the --- you getting
(Ain’t this the chick last week your --- was hittin?)
No way! That’s that chick Renee!
She’s a fanatic, she had to have it
Like fiend with a drug habit
Living in her mom’s attic
Strykers Club posters all over the wall
It’s ------ tragic. She doesn’t eat
She doesn’t sleep, she ain’t came down
For weeks, she gives me the creeps man!

(Jamaican rap)
(Chorus Repeats)
And don’t you need a friend when everyone’s
So shallow and fake in the end
And don’t you need a girl
To make you feel like no one else can

To all these Hollywood chicks tryin to be famous
Get tossed on a list of the dissed and shameless
Take off all the makeup and they’re frickin heinous
So put me on the mic and you gonna feel what pain is
I rock shows from here to Fiji when they
listen to my flow panties get greasy
Cause they know a pro when he’s in the heezy
Before I even raise that door of the Lamborghini
Come on girl I’m a make you a queen
Sit you in the back of a black limousine
Call you on the phone and tell you all the right things
But first, can you find my cell phone in my jeans?

(Chorus repeats)

Should I

Written By: Strykers Club

It happens all the time
When I step into this industry
They hate cause the world is mine
And I’m living more than just a fantasy

Now most millionaire stars would rely on the fact
That their money and not their fans put them high on the map
But you are the reason that this band got inspired to rap
And I’ll never forget it or try to take credit for that
Now Strykers Club on the climb and we can’t look back
Since that fateful moment in time we formed a pact
Every enemy of mine wants to launch an attack
Leave me lying with two in my hat and one in my back
Taran and Gwen track me in my dreams at night
Till slivers of light crack through Venetian blinds
Where can I run? The police are just my enemies’ pawns
The media too, they’ll bleed you with the cameras on
And after I’m gone, a pen and my song is all that I’ve got
I heard two shots and turned around it’s not what I thought
Flashes pop, when will it stop? Fit, King and Box
Know this game is really more than just hip-hop
I heard your last single you need to make a new one
I got a Mercedes a red, white and a blue one
Haters wanna hit me so I purchased a few guns
Should I shoot? Ask yourself should you run?
Why you mad? Cause you still on that same bench?
Squintin your eyes tryin to see through my limo tint
Strykers club and Fit with ten dime piece chicks, ya heard
Yo heads up. Look who’s over there parked in the whip. Look out!

(Chorus repeats)

Tinted windows, chromed-out stretch limo
Bust a U-ie on a caddie headin to a funeral
Loaded up with straps, stacked with ammo
Dashin and blastin like an action-packed hero
Even so, we crash-landed by the side of the road
I was spittin up blood staring up at heavens door
Would they gangbang my girl? I just don’t know
So I stepped out the Limo and fell flat on the road
Three of them stepped out, strapped of course
But I had something in my pocket that was so much worse
And since I wasn’t in the mood for a long discourse
I just lobbed that ole grenade and said ‘adios boys!’
Smoke descends, no evidence
You test and we’ll change your residence
Snake your lady friends while our records spins
Cause we bout the presidents, make sense?

(Chorus repeats)

Strykers Club

Written By: Strykers Club

They were dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing
They were shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking
Place was packed, cars filling up the lot
People waiting in line around the block
They were dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing
They were shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking
The joint was live, girl’s hanging off of they thugs
That’s how it is down at Strykers Club, check it

She said tonight I don’t wanna be alone
Lipstick moved in the shape of an ‘o’
I pulled up slow, rolling on 24’s, rattlin windows
and choking on that hypertonic indo
She leaped out happy to see me
Bass bumpin like ACDC I was
Watching the plasma screen LCDeezy
If she’s your breezy why’s she so
damn happy to freak me cause
Pigeons cry and try fly to far away homes
Far away from the cell phones and engine drones
She’d give up anything to be those
Beautiful girls in the magazine, face so serene
We bump freaks in backstreet bars
Beneath the stars, soldiers of a long-lost cause
Just roaming across this canvass until we all vanish
like fools standing in the halls of Atlantis

They were dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing
They were shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking
You’ll be glad you came for the drinks and view and
Plenty of --- for your horny crew
They were dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing
They were shaking, shaking, shaking
Put on your dress, don’t worry about wearing a slip
Why? Cause you don’t want me tearing up that ----

They dancing, I can see girls from a distance glancing
Perhaps it’s the fly smooth style you imagining
From what I gathered in a wink of any eye
Ma I know you wanna spend more than just one night
First it’s heavy conversations on the phone, then you ask if I’m alone
You’re girlfriend’s standing here in a thong, now I’m calling it quits
She don’t wanna leave it alone, B tell her I’m gone!
Dancing, shaking, please don’t break it
Strykers Club packed and the band keeps playing
Staying through the night, look living the life right
I move right, I move twice, I reach left for hip
These ladies so hot till they making me sweat
And I’m loosing my breath, I’m not in my health,
I pull up my belt, won’t you come to Strykers Club
Bring a few not one.

They were dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing
They were shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking
Place was packed, four or five-hundred I think
I couldn’t even get a Jack to drink
They were dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing
They were shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking
The joint was hot, girls trippin on ecstasy
And suddenly one was next to me singing
(I just wanna kiss your lips and I would, if I could)
So I said, I just wanna slip you this ---- and I would, if I could

Oh-no, did I just say what I thought I said
Curse the wine that has the mind hallucinating again
Thoughts that were tired I find rejuvenating again
We’ll be just fine, rewind the music and play it again
The bass line was booming, hypnotic and moving
Souls elevated to a state of exotic beauty
Flowers bloomed in the concrete, lovers swooned
to the songbeat, felt the light of the moon streaming upon me
She said tonight, I don’t wanna be alone
Lipstick moved in the shape of an ‘o’
Starlight shone traveling for millions of years
Just to be here atop a single drop of her tears
Yeah, no one will know just get in the car
And close the door, people to do and places to go
We run outta Krys we poppin the mo
We run outta condoms we hittin the store
Now how those eight bars go?

(Chorus repeats)


Written By: Strykers Club

Go on and dance with your girlfriends on the floor
You got something I can’t ignore
And tonight I’d love to give you more
But my girl’s got skills with the forty-four
Dance with your girlfriends front to back
You’re never gonna feel my sex attack
And that’s a shame but I can’t look back
If I wanna get home with my thing intact

You might not believe me
Or this tale I have to tell
She was the girl of my fantasy
But it became a living hell
Beneath her calm exterior
Was a killer mean and cold
She liked the feel of a .44
She liked to be in control

(Chorus repeats)

She did a tour in the Navy
She did a tour in the marines
She even studied in martial arts
and she earned her third degree!
Cold hottie in a black Maserati
Two guns under the seat
And if I pissed her off bad enough
She’d make me run and count to three!

(Chorus repeats)

Now mami don’t mean that much to me
Why she handcuffing me?
And miss her Prozac, her mood swings up like a tumbleweed
Did she just swallow E, cause now she just swallowed me
I go to the store, she freaks me out when she follows me
She’s always got something to prove, checking around for clues
Taking DNA samples from my mouth and from my crotch too
And when I buy condom packs I gots to double up with em
Cause she be counting each and every time we make love in em
Mami got issues, so here go a tissue
I can’t say I’ll miss you and that bullshit I been through
It time to forget you, my heart that you ripped through
I stepped to the door, she pulled a gun and a Ginsu, for real!

So I, called up my brother, he showed up in the Hummer
Stryker pulled his Glock and Fit pulled out his Ruger
It was shame we had to gang up on her
She went down in a blaze of thunder!

(Chorus Repeats)

So Bad

Written By: Strykers Club

Now everybody knows the life of an actor ain’t a breeze
When you’re cashing seven-figure checks
And looking like Keanu Reeves
In these concrete blocks with crooked-ass cops
And lots of shady looking agents on the scene
Every time I look up somebody’s spotting me,
Tailing me, jocking me
Even the studio execs want a shot at me
They make noise, hire big lawyers
Claim I’m fornicating with adolescent boys
Suddenly I don’t know how this whole business went south
One day I’m sipping on Krys, the next I’m hiding out
They used to know me at every hot spot in Dodge
Now I just ---- the concierge at Travelodge
Dominoes, beer and porno tapes
Sure beat condom, papsmears and penis aches
But I don’t know how much more of this pain I can take
I’m a celebrity, why can’t you just celebrate me
Cause I’m unintellectual, socially ineffectually,
can’t go out the house without big processionals,
Rarely professional, accused as bisexual
Conversation’s lame and omni-directional
And when they meet me they stutter in shock
Or they grab their cameras and they hit the shutter and lock
Flash bulbs go off, now somebody’s gonna get cocked
If this was my movie, boy I’d put your head in a lock, it’s just
So sad, yes it is. Yeah!
It’s just so sad, yes it is. Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Oooh, Why you treat me so bad?
You know that I like it
Oooh, Why you shoot up my pad?
You know that it’s priceless

Why you messing with me if you don’t like me
Is it cause my jewels too icey or your girlfriend like me
What happened to the I love you’s then I called you wifey
Now all of a sudden you wanna fight me
Despite how my life be under these lights shining brightly
You might see me tonight, see you need to stop trippin
You swear like I need to stop pimpin
You need to pay attention and listen
Wait up let me explain what I’m playing in my mind
All of the time, ridin my back and daring my trying
and jacking my grind I’m still shining
reminded of the time when flaws were found but not blinding
Stop crying, I ain’t lying, I’m just telling the truth
And if you wanna take a picture then step in the booth
I’ll sign an autograph to you, then I’ll fax it to you
P.S. who does this go to?

(Chorus repeats)


Written By: Strykers Club

Them chicks keep me coming around
Best sushi in the whole damn town
Them chicks keep me coming around
Best sushi in the whole damn town

4-3-2 and 1 light grows dim in the land of the rising sun
Noble houses fall to neglect, samurai sons betrayed by the ones they swore to protect
Sushi bars, hip-hop stars, European models stepping out of exotic cars
Cabarets all the way down the strip, girls with the thousand dollar bills in their hip
It’s no freakshow, not open twenty-four-seven, but twenty-somethin doors to heaven
Honor, strength, love, code of the bushido lost to a world of cash, dope and egos
Werewolves in the midnight hour rally and crash the bar with a werewolf howl
They’re like canines with the feral eyes as they move up down every girl in the line
Yose Nabe always kinda snobby the way she licks at your --- like wasabe
But with her two friends Gyo and Sef, they’ll drive you insane
with that three-way mic check
Now Miso is the pride of the bistro, dark hair and a smile kinda peaceful
Likes a little backdoor fun then puts it right back in her mouth when she’s done
Tataki she likes two jockeys, California rolled on a Kawasaki
Now you gonna bring your friend or what? She wants one in the Octopus and one in the Halibut
And that Shumai always a surprise but don’t fall in love with those big Asian eyes
Cause when her panties straight hit the floor, you’ll see that she’s got
what you’re not looking for!

(Chorus repeats)

Them chicks keep me coming around
Yo Fit I’m coming to town
For sho when you gonna touch down?
Right around three, oohwee and I heard you had some new Sushi
Yeah, the ones that rock Gucci that ain’t too moody
You mean the ones with the big booties?
You know they do, you know how we do
Stryker too, we gonna leave the club around two
Maybe three. Is that your chick Box?
Naw man. Well she leavin with me
F to the I.T. ma you should already know who I be
It’s the leg-splitter, automatic head getter
I’ll get with ya, split your ass down the center
Yo Stryker did you hit her? Fit you know better
That there’s Niki and she seems subdued
until she puts on a dance and strips down nude
She says ‘Stryker-san, you ---- me no?’
I said ‘You don’t even know what you’re asking me for!’

(Chorus repeats)


Strykers Club- Unleashed! hits stores August 23, 2005. Look for the new album in 2008!

Set List

Full set: 60- 90 minutes
Partial set: 15- 60 minutes

Intro instrumentals

1. Should I
2. Forty-Four
3. Who's Gonna Save Me
4. Strykers Club
5. The Boy You Knew
6. Take Your Game
7. Do You Know
8. Nothing At All
9. Sushi
10. So Bad
11. Frozen Moment

Outro instrumentals