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Stuart Cadenhead


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Written By: Stuart Cadenhead

Ain’t your soul
ain’t your liver
ain't your secret to deliver
ain’t gonna fight and ain’t gonna shiver
gonna take my story down to the mighty
river wide
stony deep
ain’t’ gonna cry and ain’t gonna sleep
my weary eyes
are blind today
I’m ocean bound until I find a way

Huck Finn
strong nicotine you can do
wholesome bound
in New Madrid
when the 1811 earthquake did
ring the bells of the church in Boston town
here’s a riverboat come on down
Memphis on to New Orleans
come on white boy tell me what does it mean?

Oh captain oh captain oh my soul
don't you take me down to that hold
captain captain oh my light
don't you save my soul tonight
make me wanna fold that sail and turn this ship around
Make you wanna fold your hand and lay your hands on the ground

Now from the Itasca Bison Kill to the Atchafalaya floodway spill
Budha said you could do no ill
with the gat that he got from Buffalo Bill
and the pagan birds, pagan bees, pagan girls learn their ABC's
pagans fall on pagan knees saying
please baby please baby please baby please baby please
please baby please baby please baby please baby please
Someone call the police