Stuart Ferguson

Stuart Ferguson

 Acton, Massachusetts, USA

Three and a half minute snippets of honesty, joy, terror, love, sadness, and hope, wrapped in a voice that will melt the coldest heart and bring warmth to the soul.


Honesty is the key component of the voice of any writer or singer. Capturing the truth of experience and sharing a moment of recollection and realization with the listener is the voice that every artist desires. With a keen eye for the details, Stuart Ferguson is that voice.

As a recovering addict who is now living with cancer, Stuart has a unique ability to bring the immediacy and fragility of life to the melodies and words of his songs.

Long a member of Boston's thriving acoustic music scene, Stuart grew up in a musical family. The Newton, MA native is a classically trained flautist, but during college he stepped away from the world of classical music and picked up the guitar so that he could write songs that explore the complexities that define us. By the late eighties Stuart was immersed in the Boston/Cambridge open mic scene, from which emerged a new crop of literate songwriters including Patty Griffin, Ellis Paul, Dar Williams, and Vance Gilbert.

With influences as varied as Lou Reed, Joe Strummer, Woody Guthrie, Gram Parsons, and Luka Bloom, Stuart’s tenor voice delivers the lyrics to stories of personal struggle, perseverance, and redemption. Stuart’s songs speak to the core of the human condition, thoughtfully exploring themes that are often avoided. He dives into the darker territories of addiction and despair and yet somehow, he seamlessly guides you into the realms of unconditional love and hope. Stuart's contemporary acoustic sound will appeal to those who enjoy the simplicity of traditional folk as well as those who appreciate more elaborate instrumentation and vocal arrangements. Melody and rhythm intertwine across this musical journey an pure satisfaction. Stuart has one self-released CD, “Shackles & Ties,” and his latest CD, “Love Songs (and Other Tall Tales),” was released in November 2010 on 5th Chakra Records.

A finalist in the 2009 Boston Folk Festival Songwriting Competition, Stuart has been featured at a number of New England venues including Club Passim, The Wachusett Music Series, The Amazing Things Arts Center, The Center for Arts in Natick (TCAN), Perks Coffeehouse, The Java Room, Naked City Coffeehouse, The Nameless Coffeehouse, and Mocha Maya’s. He has played around the country from Bellingham, WA to Morgantown, WV, worked as a member of Ellis Paul’s band, and has shared the stage with Dar Williams, Flynn, Vance Gilbert, Brooks Williams, Don White, Jim Infantino, Jon Svetkey, Peter Mulvey, and Geoff Bartley. Stuart’s live performances are dynamic and emotional.



Written By: Stuart Ferguson

Waiting for the storm
You'll never wait too long
Debris is always by your side

As you move along
Aware that something stronger
Guides you through a darkness few men know

You sing another Hallelujah

You say another prayer
Disappearing in thin air
Spoken in a tongue only you know

You sing another Psalm
The cadence growing stronger
Confidence is building from inside

To sing another Hallelujah

Blessed is the soul
That survives to grow old
Cared for as a piece of crystal
Silence broken by a pistol

You sing another Hallelujah


"Shackles & Ties" - Rabid Rabbit Records (2004)

"Love Songs (and other tall tales)" - 5th Chakra Records (2010)
The track "Come Back to Me" has been featured on Jerry Treacy's show Down along the Cove on WFDU.