Stuart Kabak

Stuart Kabak


Songs and stories to move the heart. If Joni Mitchell and Harry Chapin had a love child he would sound like me.

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How Angels Earn Their Wings

Written By: Stuart Kabak

Crippled child
Electric wheel chair
Twisted fingers
On joyless stick
Green eyes stare like broken clocks
Calculating every tic
Moma smiles and calls her name
Gives her cheek agentle kiss
Leaving me in tears of woner
Is there any greater love than this

There's a deal
Well concealed
No sense blaming God
For all these things
When the issue clears
You see the chosen volunteers
That's how angels learn
That's how angels earn
Their wings

Eighty seven
No one home
She does'nt know
The man she wed
Every day is a new adventure
Never rising out of bed
Husband swears he won't leave her
As he strokes the crosson the hospice door
Something holy looks familiar
I've seen this kind of love before


And here we are so blessed with grace
Pity if it doesn't show
Faith without works is dead
For how would anybody know

So have you now
A late resolve
For the wonder boy
Out on a limb
Sticks and stones
Hve broken bones
Can you put another
Heart in him
Maybe he will fly away
Safe for what tomorrow brings
And leave you with forgotten joy
To know how angels learn
To know how angels earn
Their wings ......