Stuart  Markus

Stuart Markus


Acoustic Rock, Folk-Rock, or AAA. Like JT but more uptempo and a bit edgy; like Jackson Browne but less melancholy; with a Beatles-like sense of pop melody and CSN-influenced harmonies.


I was driving a few years ago in heavy traffic on the Southern State Parkway, a road I'd driven for years, when I looked up and realized I didn't know where I was. Had I passed my exit? After a brief moment of panic (I was running late already) I realized I was where I was supposed to be--then it dawned on me that I was so used to concentrating on just driving, I'd never bothered to take in the scenery!
An interesting lesson in life. And it became the title track for my CD.
I'm often compared to James Taylor, but my influences include the Beatles, Billy Joel, Jackson Browne, CSN, sea chanteys and hard rock. If it's interesting to me, it'll find its way into my music!
Lyrically, I find I'm often able to tap into experiences and feelings shared by many, and often get a reaction of "That song could have been written about me."
Over the years, I've shared stages with Christine Lavin, Tom Paxton, David Buskin, David Johansen, Dar Williams, Ashford & Simpson, Tom Chapin and John Hall. Other career highlights have been a series of charity tribute concerts to Harry Chapin I've produced, playing to over 3,500 people.


EP: "Not the Only One Who Feels This Way" - 1996
CD: "Betwixt Wind & Water" (w' sea chantey duo Strike the Bell) 2003
CD: "The View From the Side of the Road" - 2005
Single: The Moderate - 2004 (political parody)
CD: "Greetings from Sunny Nassau" (parodies & humor) - in pre-release
"The Moderate" and several tracks from both released CDs have gotten college and folk-radio airplay

Set List

I can do a set anywhere from 30 minutes or less to 2 hours of originals.
Typically, I'll start with "The View from the Side of the Road." Other regular songs include "Artificial Heart," "Candle in my Hands," "Telephone Call," "Miss Susan," "It's Worth Consideration," the traditional-sounding "Gloucester Ladies," "The Blue Robe," and "Telephone Call."
Usually I'll mix in a subset of parodies and other funny stuff, like "Your Strings, They Need a-changin'," "Country Wedding Song," or one twisted but witty one, "I Wish I Were Gay."
I also play hundreds of cover songs, and may mix in some semi-obscure ones by Simon & Garfunkel, Harry Chapin, Crosby Stills & Nash, or Billy Joel.
As a working pro musician I can easily fill an evening with covers as well if needed. I play easily 500 cover songs, mainly from the classic rock and folk-rock genres, including The Beatles, The Eagles, CSN, Billy Joel, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Simon & Garfunkel, Bob Seger, Loggins & Messina, Jimmy Buffett,