Stubby Longfellow

Stubby Longfellow


Stubby Longfellow know that kids' music isn't just for kids, but that smaller audience members are the most enthusiastic. They'll play sweet melodies and and sing sweeter harmonies, get everyone to sing along, and mix up the instruments to suit today's shorter attention spans.


Bill and Terry have been playing together for nearly 25 years, starting out with other band members and sticking it out until the as yet unforseen bittersweet end. Bill is 5'3" and Terry is 6'9" = Stubby Longfellow. They've misspent most of their playing time in pubs, especially when the beer is turned green. Of course, they've played charitable dinners, a dog show, some weddings, and the Hillside Festival in Guelph twice, because they'll play for anyone who will listen.

Bill's extraordinary ability to play anything with strings and remember any song with lyrics is complemented by Terry's love of finding harmonies and melodical solos on any of his whistles, recorders or vocal chords. That they've been the closest of friends for 25 years comes through in their performance, filled with laughs, gibes and antics.

Influences are too varied to list, but include Dylan, Tull, Dubliners, Clancys, Planxty, Kermit, Disney, Tom Waits and Prokofiev.

Stubby Longfellow will be playing in each other's backyards and basements into their 90s, if their misspent youth doesn't catch up with them too quickly.


We have recorded one CD, called Nothing on Nothing. Has been played on the University of Guelph radio station, and housed in the Guelph Main Library for borrowers to enjoy.

Set List

For the Hillside Festival in '08, here are the songs we played in on both days. We tend to play 12-15 songs in an 45-60 minute set.

The Rattlin’ Bog (trad.)

The Cat Came Back (Fred Penner)

We Are Gonna Be Friends (from Curious George & Napoleon Dynamite)

Little Liza Jane (trad.)

Hey, Mr. Spaceman (Byrds)

Intermission (The Offspring)

Down By The Bay (Raffi)

I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon (Sesame St.)

The Unicorn Song (The Irish Rovers)

The Rainbow Connection (Kermit the Frog/Sarah McLachlan)

We All Sing in the Same Voice (Sesame St.)

Young Again (The Strawbs)

Ain’t Gonna Rain (trad.)

I Had a Rooster (trad.)

When She Loved Me (Randy Newman/Sarah McLachlan/from Toy Story 2)

I’ll Tell Me Ma (trad.)

Illy-Alley-O (trad.)

3 Little Birds (Bob Marley)

The Ants Go Marching (trad.)

For pub gigs, we tend to play 15 songs in an hour set, and 3 sets per night. Lots of traditional tunes, with many folk songs, re-arranged contemporary tunes