Stuck in Standby

Stuck in Standby


Stuck in Standby reaches back for influence from when country was still edgy, folk singers still had a cause and a purity, and rock and roll was just about rock and roll.


Founder and front man Joe Pucciarelli formed Stuck in Standby in 2001, while waiting for a delayed flight. Scribbling on the back of his ticket he wrote: "We'll be stuck in standby waiting for better times, but the best times of our lives are the ones we leave behind." Those melancholy words that formed the foundation of Stuck in Standby still express the band's endeavor in exploring the darker side of human relationships while also maintaining a sense of wanderlust and hope for a brighter tomorrow. Pucciarelli provides the guitars, as well as lead vocals and artistic guidance to the band. Joe Shields forms a solid foundation for the music with his bass guitar and backing vocals. Chaz Ipson throws beautiful leads into the mix. Pete Harris rounds out the songs with solid drumbeats. With a unique sound that echoes out of college coffee houses and small clubs, the group also has a crisp, together melody that is usually not found in such avant-garde music. Listening to Stuck in Standby leaves your mind wondering as you drive down the road, but eventually you and the music reach a destination.


Faded / Torn

Written By: Stuck in Standby

Faded / Torn

I’ve got this heart of broken thoughts
I used to understand what it’s like to be loved
I wear this heart out in the rain
So I can feel the pain of sorrow
I used to genuflect but you lost my respect
When you unrelentingly broke my heart

Today I ripped up all of my happy songs
They’re all about you and now you’re gone
I thought I’d make it last, but it didn’t last too long
And now all these memories are faded and torn

I used to crawl where you would not even walk
I used to sing when I couldn’t even talk to you
And now you’ve faded away (…faded away… faded away)
And I’m torn

I don’t have your picture
But that’s ok (I remember every freckle on your face)
You were a constant fixture
Now I keep this broken heart in your place
And now you’ve faded away (…faded away… faded away)
And I’m gone

Stuck in Standby

Written By: Stuck in Standby

You’re watching over me
Watching over you
We’re running outta time
The books are overdue
We’re staring at the stars
Through clouded over skies
We’ve fallen way too far
To be with them tonight

You were right

Are words unsaid stronger
Than the words I said
Maybe I should stop talking
Altogether now
We stop to look at the stars
And they don’t stop at all
Even after they die they’re a stronger force
Pulling in all that they left behind

You were right

I’m standing in the hall
Of our old high school
It doesn’t mean much now
To these people
But it means a lot to me
These friends were family
I won’t forget these times
I won’t forget tonight

You were right
When you said that the times will change
And how our thoughts will rearrange themselves
We’ll be stuck in standby waiting for better times
But the best times of our lives are the ones we leave behind

Last Night in Town

Written By: Stuck in Standby

Step to the plate to make a vow that you’ll hit this one hard you’ll hit it a mile
So we can remember the legend of you
Take a drink and make a toast to the ones you like the ones you’ll miss most
When you leave this town

As you drink this down just forget your frown
We’ll all still be here for you
Someday you’ll be joining us

We’ll drive all around with windows down let the music blast at 4 in the morn’
We’ll stop at every truck stop along the way
We’ll drive ‘til it’s warm we’ll hit every small town with the world’s largest of anything
We’ll write it all down and take pretty pictures

Don’t forget this vow don’t forget this pact we both grew up here this is where home’s at
Just remember when you’re bigger than us all

So, take a drink and make a toast to the ones you like the ones you’ll most
Look forward to when you come back to town


-Holding onto Nothingness (5 songs - 12/2001)
-Somewhere Along These Lines (6 songs - 6/2002)
-6.2.8 (12 songs - 12/2002)
-The Demographic (9 songs - 7/2003)
-Schematics of a Broken Heart (18 songs - 7/2004)
-Everything Fades Away (15 songs - 12/2005)

Set List

1.Fading Summer
6.Along for the Ride
7.Moving On
8.Stuck in Standby
9.Empty Your Pockets
10.Final Drive Home
11.The Last Time
12.The Chase
13.Last Night in Town
14.Faded / Torn
15.Things Weve Done

This was the set list for our CD Release Party. The set time was about 90 minutes. The encore we played was "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey. We normally like to end with a cover that people don't expect. Other examples are "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice, and "I'm Gonna Be (500 miles)" by The Proclaimers.