Stuck In The Sound
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Stuck In The Sound

Paris, Île-de-France, France | INDIE

Paris, Île-de-France, France | INDIE
Band Pop Rock




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2007 : Nevermind The Living Dead (It's Records / Discograph)

2009 : Shoegazing Kids (Discograph)




The third album is a particular step in a band's career. When The Stuck were recording their first EP, the lead singer JRF, already had in mind that this moment would be the decisive one – which may have been a way to postpone the pressure of present times.
Ten years later, the third album is now written, recorded and mixed. Ten years ago, we were asking ourselves what would the band sound like at this time, how it would have evolved, who would still be part of it.

The main thing to note, is that the band has kept the same starting line up : JRF, Emmanuel, François and Arno are still there. This may sound nondescript, however, the life in a band is not always straightforward, stability is rare. The close team spirit and sincerity of the band, oozes through their music, as they have also kept working with the same engineer from the early days.

The first album, « Never mind the living dead », felt like an uncontained outburst from wild kids, packing 25 different riffs per song. A giant roar extending from the core hit « ToyBoy » , which caught the attention of the main cultural magazine Les Inrocks. With Shoegazin Kid their second effort, the band learnt how to channel their energy and write songs that could express feelings. The rowdy kids became poetic teenagers. In hindsight, those 10 years proved to be their learning process, 10 years to digest various influences, from rock to rap, so as to find their breakaway sound.

And what about this third one then ?
Best not ask The Stuck in the sound, if you want to get an idea. If you ask them how the album was made, they reply that they don't know. About the first track « Bandruptcy »? “Don’t know either” . «And the concept behind the album ? » “There isn't any “Fair enough. As much as this sounds off putting at first, it actually indicates a very healthy relationship with their heartfelt music. Following the second album's excitement on tour, they stayed focused and crafted their own studio in Montreuil, the Eastern suburb of Paris, learning the basics of brick laying in the process. They built their nest away from the hype to focus on the basics : getting their sound right.

With Pursuit, the four guys have achieved something quite rare : by writing exactly the way they wanted to, by concentrating on the music and working every track separately. This is no concept album. Stuck in the sound worked on the only thing that mattered to them - songs that had their own structure and meaning. The third album is the make or break. However The Stucks seemed to have left this out of their minds, and only listened to their guts. That could be the concept behind Pursuit if you were to think of it : to take as much pleasure as possible, which makes the sharing experience with the audience all the more straightforward.

The album boasts some left over outbursts from their beginnings, this time layered with a better musical and vocal technique. The band has improved and found a new balance. By taking every song separately and working thoroughly, they have managed to pull off what they would have failed to do had they thought consciously about it : an album full of hits. Pursuit shines by the diversity of its music, soft melodies answer to electro or stadium rock. But all feel like Stuck in the sound. There has to be a track right up your alley on this album!

Season starts with a gig at the Transmusicales Festival in Rennes, December 2nd.