Student Film

Student Film


"Gleefully twisting conventional pop structures, and shoving them into a microwave to watch them melt and deform."


In the summer of 2002, Justin, Zac, David and Seth began work on a film about a misplaced generation. After traveling to Seattle and Vancouver to wrap the film up, the film was lost by the airline on the return flight home. Subsequently, all four members decided to form a band and name it Student Film. Some of the band's earlier works were composed for the film, most notably Oxycontinental Breakfast. The song had frequent air play on OKC alternative station, The Spy. Justin and Seth were in a band with Eric prior to the film and decided to bring him aboard for the project.

They spent the next five months playing regional shows, and in the course of this met Producer/ Engineer Chris Colbert (Neutral Milk Hotel, The Walkmen) who produced Student Film's Extravagant Living E.P. Immediately after its release they began writing and recording the next album on their own, using two SM-57 microphones. The album was released in March of 2004.

Everyone in the band agrees that they are most heavily influenced by the Beatles and The Velvet Underground, however other influences are evident in their music, such as Pedro the Lion, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Neutral Milk Hotel, and the Polyphonic Spree.

Student Film spent the better part of this year building a strong Oklahoma base. They are now working on a new film short to be played during their live shows.


Oxycontinental Breakfast

Written By: Student Film

C’mon, c’mon
We got monkeys we got strings
Resources stretching out to the sky
Do what you want
With the version that you serve
Selection says it all

Whirling Dervish

Written By: Student Film

Wounded corvid climbing up through the ground
I’m not arriving late
Common struggles fleeting out from the rye
By your waking mind

In time of inspiration
Consuming flesh of gods and monsters
In time of inspiration
There’s no dervish that can contain you

Anchor #3

Written By: Student Film

you can throw your anchor
into the sea while i drown
jesus was a rabble to fire
threw his anchor into the sea
and drowned like me

we lined up for miles
tying our anchors to our feet
kissing our loved ones
goodbye and farewell
we threw our anchors into the sea
and drowned to be free


Extravagant Living EP, September 2003
The Great Escape LP, March 2004
Check out our song, "Oxycontinental Breakfast" used in a commercial on the Fuel Network for a Sidewayz Productions film: