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"Bluefish Companion XVII"

"...OKC's Student Film blew me away. This five-piece group of young, new hipsters is the best band that I have seen in years. Student Film reminded me of the rocking end of the King Krimson catalog with a post-punk edge. I was stunned. If there is justice in the world- and there is not- Student Film will own the planet within the year. The band has great arrangements, simple parts magnified and laid out in ballsy textures with interesting time changes. Keyboardist Zac is an out and out wizard. And guitarist-vocalist Justin can really sing. The intensity of Student Film is truly powerful and fueled by genius (seriously)." - OK Gazette


"Student Film burst onto the scene in March 2003, quickly recording the ‘Extravagant Living’ EP with Neutral Milk Hotel producer Chris Colbert. Not bad for the first time out - their new full-length, ‘The Great Escape’, finds Justin Rice and company unleashing their distinct brand of woozy, surreal pop reminiscent of vintage Radiohead or The Album Leaf throughout the course of the disc. This Norman-based quintet is goin' places -- you heard it here first.
Visit for more information.” - Oklahoma Gazette


“Student Film stands out in the epidemic of indie bands as the Christ child among the barn mice” - Oklahoma Gazette


“Kudos to Student Film for song title of the year, ‘Oxycontinental Breakfast’. Kudos to them for making a lyrically dynamic and extremely unordinary album, too. ‘The Great Escape’ is a strong recording from start to finish with ‘Whirling Dervish’ setting the tone for eclectic college rock combined with experimental sounds. Musically, the CD comes off a little like Radiohead before they went off the deep end. The songs are honest and not full of themselves like so many other bands that lean more on the artsy side. And, the fragile vocals and painfully sweet songs make Student Film difficult to dislike.” - Vox Magazine


“Dreamy scientific synths clash and collaborate with humdrum drums, panicky tambourines and dwindling melodic guitars. A majority of the album finds the band gleefully twisting conventional pop structures and shoving them into a microwave to watch them melt and deform. ‘Oxycontinental Breakfast’ is a possible indie-pop hit of the summer if it could only sneak onto The Spy’s playlist. Student Film is on to something special and might just be the next big band coming out of Oklahoma” -


Extravagant Living EP, September 2003
The Great Escape LP, March 2004
Check out our song, "Oxycontinental Breakfast" used in a commercial on the Fuel Network for a Sidewayz Productions film:


Feeling a bit camera shy


In the summer of 2002, Justin, Zac, David and Seth began work on a film about a misplaced generation. After traveling to Seattle and Vancouver to wrap the film up, the film was lost by the airline on the return flight home. Subsequently, all four members decided to form a band and name it Student Film. Some of the band's earlier works were composed for the film, most notably Oxycontinental Breakfast. The song had frequent air play on OKC alternative station, The Spy. Justin and Seth were in a band with Eric prior to the film and decided to bring him aboard for the project.

They spent the next five months playing regional shows, and in the course of this met Producer/ Engineer Chris Colbert (Neutral Milk Hotel, The Walkmen) who produced Student Film's Extravagant Living E.P. Immediately after its release they began writing and recording the next album on their own, using two SM-57 microphones. The album was released in March of 2004.

Everyone in the band agrees that they are most heavily influenced by the Beatles and The Velvet Underground, however other influences are evident in their music, such as Pedro the Lion, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Neutral Milk Hotel, and the Polyphonic Spree.

Student Film spent the better part of this year building a strong Oklahoma base. They are now working on a new film short to be played during their live shows.