The Stumbler's Inn

The Stumbler's Inn


Funky, psychedelic, country rock. Tight and refreshing. A hint of classics such as The Doors, Johnny Cash, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Unique style that even music critics have had a hard time defining. Tracks such as “Alive” will have you dancing on tables, while “Stone” will wring your heart.


Alec Myrfield and his brothers Jeff and Graham were raised in a musical family in Nanaimo, BC. They later “adopted” Chuck Depuis as an honorary member of the Myrfield Brother clan. All four band members grew up together and the bond is evident in the consistency and mood of the music.
Alec, the chief songwriter of The Stumbler’s Inn, has been writing, singing and playing guitar since he was a teenager. He has over 100 songs under his belt and with his raw, emotional, and grizzly voice he is able to lure in any audience. His lyrics ache with personal experience and an honest workingman’s grit.

Jeff Myrfield has been playing the piano since the age of five. He mastered his musical skill at a very young age as a graduate from the Royal Conservatory. Knowing the rules, he is able to break them with style. His psychedelic honky-tonk has been compared in The Nerve Magazine to Ray Manzarek of The Doors. As the final member to join, the rest of the band agrees that the addition of Jeff and his organ is what makes the Stumbler’s Inn better than everyone else.

After buying his first (and only) drum kit at the age of fifteen, Kevin "Chuck" Dupuis accepted his fate as a musician and has pursued it passionately ever since. Both in his day to day life, and behind the kit, Chuck is a master of self-discipline. That, along with being the only non-brother in the band, is what makes Chuck the mediator in the occasional brotherly brawl. Like his personality, Chuck’s drumming is as solid as an anchor.

Graham Myrfield has been rockin’ the bass since the age of eleven. His angelic voice is the perfect counterpoint to Al’s rugged lungs, and their harmonies can be staggering. As dual front men, they also have a talent for making the audience laugh their asses off. Graham is a typical younger brother loaded with charisma and energy. His playing is fluid, effortless and often improvisational.


The Stumbler's Inn

Set List

Sets are about 30 min. We play many songs from our album and also new songs that we have written since the album came out.