Stumbler's Inn

Stumbler's Inn


The Stumbler's Inn have been called things like, the Oak Tree's of Rock n Roll and the Grandaddies of vancouver Bongafry'd HonkaRockaSurfaBillyRoll. Using story tellings technics, the songs describe the ruff truth of everyday life, to stories of intergalactic gypsy warriors. truly original if i may.


Three brother's and a childhood friend.. Sounds like the start of a great movie eh. Well it should be. The Stumbler's Inn have been rocking out Vancouver B.C. for over 6 years and running. Every one knows that it's not for the money. It's just four guy's that love writing and making music for themselves and anyone else that wants to listen. Being an unsigned band has had it's limitations for the band as far as touring and record releases, but that doesn't stop them from continuing the constant battle forward to achieve Truly new and original sounding music . The band is always working on new idea's for songs video's and gigs

All four member's where born and raised on Vancouver Island and all four now live in Vancouver B.C. That's they we practice, record and perform religiously. There style has evolved into a hybrid of many different styles from bluesy rock to a kinda phycadelic sufabilly . Playing in bars for the majority of their shows, they have learned that energy in the music as well as in the presence of the show is mandatory. Unless of course for some reason they are playing more of an acoustic type show, which the boys love to do as well. Influences stem from classic roots such as. The Doors, The Grateful Dead, Johnny Cash, Muddy Water's, The Band, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beetles and many many more..

The Stumbler's Inn have many friends and are always looking for new ones. Many of the the bands that we have played with in the past, have become close personal friends of the band. Because we, are family to start with, i think the feeling quickly spreads among other's we meet. We are all family in this tuff business we call music, and we all need to help each other out .


Old Tin Road

Written By: Alec Myrfield

Take a little trip down the old tin road .
Back where people and rocks explode.

Kerosene Filled the air.
Canaries died, while picks did tear.

I don't know but iv been told.
The ghost's down there, where sold for gold.

Broken Glass and shot gun shells.
Drunken dreams all shot to hell.

Take a little trip down the old tin road.
Back where people and rocks explode.


Written By: The Stumbler's Inn

Don't rely on me.
You and I we live much differently.
When we met I fell with a thud
But now Im standing here covered in mud.
Don't rely on me.

She was such a pretty girl.
Her face would shine just like a pearl.
She always had some where to go.
The kinda girl that every boy would know.
When it came to dinner time.
Id never know where she'd go.
When it came to breakfast time.
She'd be coming home.

So don't rely on me

I should have listened to my mom.
I never cared where she was from.
I fell for her like all the rest.
I thought that I was the only best.
My heart was made of glass.
And it broke when she left me on my ass.
Now my heart is filled with stone.
And iv gone and found myself a new home.

So don't rely on me.
You and I we live much differently.
When we met I fell with a thud
But now Im standing here covered in mud.
Don't rely on me.


The Stumbler's Inn have made 3 albums to date. Only one album was made in a "Big Studio" so far and it was made with ,Sir John Ellis. It can be purchased on or Itunes. The other's have been basement albums which have been distributed to friends and fans all over the world.They are presently working on a double disc album as well as a separate instrumental album of various jams they have been recording over the past year . The album's that they are working on , are coming from the new studio that they have been building in the last year. Still underground basement style,.

Set List

Their set list on an average night would consist of ten to fifteen songs depending on the time limit. The heart of the set's have been mostly made up of songs from their last album.. self titled. Along with new song idea's and phycadelic jams mixed in through out when ever possible.

With over 200 original songs to pull from as well as a few sneaky cover's, they have promised fans to never play the same set twice. The Stumbler's Inn is know to an great party band , having played numerous times for over six hours straight, during all night, out door, summer parties. Providing theme music to peoples life's is truly their passion.