Stump Tail Dog

Stump Tail Dog


We perform high-energy traditional and original American Roots, Celtic, and World Music on fiddle, mandolin, cittern, banjo and guitar.


Dan Engle (Fiddle, Mandolin, Cittern, Banjo)
Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Dan began playing guitar in 1972. In 1978 he started playing fiddle and banjo while majoring in music at UC Santa Barbara. Since then he has won five first place awards at fiddle contests throughout California. A prolific composer of traditional-style music, he has penned over 800 tunes. His exhilarating style of playing is an unforgettable experience to watch. Dan is also a traditional dance caller and instructor, and can teach everyone from children to grandparents how to do the old-fashioned squares, contras, and couples dances.

Ray Frank (Guitar, Banjo & Vocals)
Ray has been playing stringed instruments and singing since 1952. He is a master guitarist and folk music collector. Besides being the band's principle source of lyrics, his ability to interpret a ballad is sheer magic and his vocals are pure soul. Whether extolling the virtues of a favorite potato dish or describing the harsh life of a coal miner, Ray lends his voice to traditional songs and ballads from England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia and Canada as well as the United States. Ray has been performing for over three decades and has been involved in music as performer, composer, accompanist, arranger, producer, recording engineer and teacher.


The Gathering Storm, CD 1996, Moon & Stars Music;
Homade Hoedown, CD 2000, Borborygmi Music;
Unleashed, CD Dec. 2003, Stump Tail Dog Music.

Set List

Our high-energy sets consist of traditional and original reels, jigs, rags, songs and waltzes in the American Roots, Celtic, and World Music styles.
Our crowd-pleasing performances last from 45-60 minutes as needed. We play up to 3 shows per day for festivals and county fairs.