With sublime influences emanating from the shimmer of a highway mirage, more possibilities for subterranean exploration, searching for questions to answers and schottische in a roar of amplified static; We love your brain! Enjoy


Stumptone has been through seemingly infinite incarnations. The band evolved from the blissfully inbred music scene that is Denton, Tx. The constant core of Stumptone pivots around the song writing of Chris Plavidal. There is a pattern behind it, a purpose beneath it all. A sincere wish to be truly meaningful to the people that will let it.

"...Meandering, echoing, exquisitely melodic but never predictable, Plavidal's sensibilities blithely step right off the indie rock ship and into Oz. He's a fantasist who loves the warm texture of acoustic guitars, a traditionalist who loves tweaked-out sound effects and new recording technologies. That he manages to balance these two conflicting camps has much to do with his sticking to very personal and connective themes. Travel, exploration, weather, organic transmutations--things that evolve and take you with them. This is delicate beautiful music often pushed to even more beautifully raw agitation, constant restlessness dosed with gentle goodwill."
-Christina Rees, Dallas Observer

“As you went to leave, gravity suddenly increased, tugging at your skin and bones and soul.
Lights went from red to green, and gravity suddenly released sending you head over heels...”

These are the opening lines of the long awaited release by Texas’ Stumptone. This is music
that both defies and celebrates gravity. Its feet planted firmly in the pastoral folk of Nick Drake,
while spouting the stems of later day sonic pioneers of Britain such as Spacemen 3 and Slowdive. Songs and sonics growing up and out...floating in their ultimate free will.

These are also songs that are the collected experience of an artisan work over time: Deep in a
knowledge of the past, with a nod to what might be the future, but without a hint of the
neo-plasticism that marks so much of modern music. This is music about life in all of its absurdity and absolutes. It takes the layers of experience gathered as memories acquired during aging,
and stacks them against one another like in a library, until the full expanse of their breath
can be realized.

“Breeze, hold me tight, illusion of movement can feel so right.”

Records have a feel all their own, and as you listen to this record, notice the use of percussion.
Never heavy-handed, always subdued, it is in itself at times the gravity of the record. A force so prominent it is unnoticeable. That is, until it is gone completely, and you are left hanging five feet above where you were standing, with only a pad of fuzz and tremolo beneath you. This is the breeze. Gently gliding from your left ear to the right. Soon enough though, the organic essence of Plavidal’s acoustic guitar comes in to be your way back to the soil of the ground, which at times can seem
like you just jumped off the moon and landed on your front porch in summer.

“Now you’ve got it all but it’s not going last. Pendulum swinging, singing, always comes back.
And one day you'll see that it's not just me on the rack.”

You see, this is not just a record about loss and gain, or the weight of circumstance and
predestination in our evolving choices. This is a record about how our lives our connected
to one another, even as we are alone. This is gravity. Captured on tape, and released back
into the air.



Stumptone - Gravity Suddenly Released - LP 12"+CD

Stumptone - The Stumptone Tapes - EP CD

Stumptone - s/t - LP CD

Stumptone - Jeremy Bentham's Boots - Single 7"

Sample Tracks can be heard here:

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Set List

Gravity Suddenly Released
Never Say Goodbye
Below Horizon Lines

Our typical set time is 40-45 minutes long, however, we can play longer or shorter when needed.
If we play a cover in a set, we only play one. In the past, we have covered songs by: Roky Erickson, Acetone, and Syd Barrett.