stung by bees

stung by bees


If Johnny Cash got in a wrestling match with Modest Mouse and it was ref'd by the Flaming Lips but in the audience was Led Zepplin who had brought Black Sabbath as their date who then went to a diner to get ice cream and the waiters were Sonic Youth, and they ate the ice cream with a Spoon. whee.


stung by bees is a band from denver, co.
you may not have heard of them yet as they've only recently started playing shows (april 07!), but in a short time they've already played with some of denver's finest, including: bela karoli, cat-a-tac, born in the flood, and everything absent or distorted. they have drawn frequent comparison to modest mouse and the decemberists, playing indie rock but with a tasty country flavor.

if stung by bees were a bag of chips they would be bbq flavor.
if stung by bees were a ride at the amusement park they'd be a tilt-a-whirl that broke and crashed down into the bumper cars. or maybe the yo-yo swings (those things are sweet!)
if stung by bees were a flavor of ice cream they would certainly be rocky road.
if stung by bees were an arcade game they would be GALAGA...or possibly tekken?

stung by bees are not some vikings that were frozen in a glacier, thawed, and then decided to start a rockband.
stung by bees are not french racecar drivers by day. absolut mon.
stung by bees have never stolen a submarine.
they merely borrowed it for a few days. to practice target shooting with torpedoes. it was fun.


no recordings yet!

Set List

our sets are usually 35-45 minutes.
songs are like these:
nuclear test site
dirt roads
district attorney
achilles heel
broker than broke
ghost train
dishonest man