Mixing gritty retro rock ethics into a modern rock setting,this unusual power duet boasts two lead vocalist-instrumentalists that combine catchy sing-along anthems with heavy guitar hooks. Mix early James Gang with the moderns sounds of Jack White's Raconteurs


"These blokes are full on! I get the feeling that they are more in tune with the sounds of Wembley-era Zeppelin and Status Quo than their scaled down line-up would suggest.-Powerful rock from a little Texas duet-Gerry Ranson(Bucketfull of Brains,U.K.)

Mix 70's style guitar riffing with big rock drums and hooks,this band from the "Live Music Capitol of the World" in Austin Texas, combines two player/singers that all take on lead and harmony vocal duties and share the front line.Combining just guitar, and drums ,the band add a cutting edge twist to the rock duet idea taking the guitar tones of early Joe Walsh/James Gang and mixing it with modern rock bands like Wolfmother and Jack White's Raconteurs
With a knack for the to-the-point and infectious tune versus long jams this band gives you tight,new rock with a classic swagger.The band promises to stay on rock's cutting edge as they currently work on a new recording due out this fall

This summer, Stungun teams up with Liquor and Poker recording artist, The Thieves from Oxford and XL Record's Young Heart Attack for touring activity in Northeast America.Dates to be announced


STUNGUN Debut release -"Fistful of Lightning" out now on Bubble Empire Records(May 2006) buy directly from

Set List

Songs from STUNGUN CD adapted for stage.Some new material.
Set 45-60 minutes depending on venue requirements