We take our music business very seriously as we always put 110% into every gig we play. We take countless hours of our time to write the best music we can create, and our fans would tell you why.


The band Stunlaw is composed of Ryan Forsyth (lead vocals, bass), Dimitri Halkias (drums) and Demetrius Patsiatzis (guitar and vocals).

Although a relatively young band, Stunlaw has been together and performing for over 7 years now since, the age of 11.

The band evolved when Ryan and Demetrius, who were minor hockey league teammates, hung out together playing guitar, while Dimitri and Demetrius grew up together playing a variety of instruments. The 3 eventually got together to perform music sets.

Stunlaw spent the first 2 years playing at high school talent shows, the eventually graduated to play “jam nights” at local venues. From jam nights, the band started to enter local “Band Battles” and contests, usually being successful in placing first prize.

In November 2004, Stunlaw sends a home-recorded demo to the “Hamilton Music Scene” organizers and gets accepted to play at club Absinthe, their first performance in a professional venue.

Over the years, Stunlaw has become a more recognized band, not only by fans, but are now getting offers to play in larger, proffesional venues around the Hamilton and Niagara area.

Despite their age, Stunlaw is a very professional band, who put on an actual performance when on stage. Their sets are 90% their own original music, which is mostly pop/punk. Their cover songs (depending on the audience) are a mix of Green Day, Blink 182 etc. They have enough original music to put on a 1-hour show.

These boys are talented and serious musicians, who also produce their own Stunlaw Merchandise (T-shirts, buttons, stickers, CDs etc.) for their fan base.

The boys plan to continuously improve and carry out their music careers over the next many years. “… This is all we have ever wanted to do even before we became a band… this band is not only a hobby to us now, but it is a part of our lives and careers…” - Stunalw


Boyo It's Sunny (Full Album)
- released summer of 2007(not in stores)

New 4 song demo
- released winter of 2007(not in stores)

Set List

Our sets are usually 30min

(set list is being updated)