Stunlaw- Three serious and talented musicians that are high- energy performers with a love to perform. Lots of originals as well as covers.


Stunlaw let me tell you how our name came about. We were at a band practice one night trying to come up with a name for the band, we could see how hard the squirrels were working in the yard gathering walnuts. Stunlaw is walnuts spelt backwards. Stunlaw evolved when Ryan and Demetrius who were minor hockey team mates, they started hanging out played music, while Dimitri and Demetrius grew up together. Randy our hockey coach and friend, had a small studio and invited us to record our first CD. Randy is now our manager, sound and light man. Stunlaw spent the first 2 years playing at school talent shows,then graduated to playing local venues. The band started entering Battle of the bands and contests.

August 2004 - First place in battle of the bands in Beamsville.

November 2004- Hamilton Music Scene ( Club Abcents)

May 2005- Wellend Battle of the bands youth week Stunlaw took First place cash prize and headline next years show.

October 2005- Halloween Bash at Olympia Restaurant an annual event.

November 2005- Hamilton Music Scene Festival (Played at the Corktown.)

2006- One of the band members took very sick and could not perform the first part of 2006.

December 2006- Christmas concert at Westlane Secondary School in Niagra Falls.

Febuary 2007- CD relise party at Chrisario's Bar and Grill.


Hide And Seek Monsters In My Closet
Finally Messages At Night
Kay Letters Extended
Home Should I

Set List

Hide and Seek Orig
Blown High Dough Cover
House of The Rising Sun Cover
Blue Orchids Cover
Home Orig
When you were Young Cover
Sitting On Top Of The World Orig
When Your Heart Stops Beating Cover
Postcard Orig
When I came Around Cover
Woman Cover
Finally Orig