Stunned is a high energy live rock & roll band. There songs are electric and classic... Get Stunned !


STUNNED was formed in 2003 by lead vocalist and acoustic guitar player James Lyn Banning with drummer Mark Von D. After recruiting Chuck Lanteigne who played guitar with James years ago in the Quebec club circuit, Stunned then rounded out the line up with Anik Dufresne to fill the bass player's slot.

With a growing reputation as a great local act, they were invited to open for such artists as April Wine, Kevin Parent, and Eric Lapointe, including a show at the famous Festival de la montgolfiere in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

In 2007, they recorded their first full length CD after an intense three months at Pierre Rémillard’s Wild Studio located in St-Zénon Qc. The finished result was a beautifully produced indie CD entitled, “Only Human” that captured the notorious unbridled energy of their live show.

Stunned’s sound conveys an undeniable positive groove that can be felt throughout each song. Under the spotlight, they're living proof of what serious musical skill and outstanding live performance is all about. Well known for their professionalism and flawless stage show, they're guaranteed to satisfy nearly every kind of music fan.

Singer/songwriter James Lynn Banning's inspiring and unique way with words makes Stunned’s music easy for everyone to relate to. With its soaring melodies, grooving rhythms and tremendous versatility, Stunned's music is passionate, very real, and of course, “only human”.


James, originally from Huntington Quebec, had an extensive career in the western part of Canada. In 1993, he moved to Vancouver to join Zulu recording artists Daytona as their new drummer, (initially his prior instrument). The band released the album Sustain which received amazing radio and press reviews across Canada. With two videos in heavy rotation on Much Music, they toured across Canada opening for 54-40 and Dishwalla. Feldman & Associates booked the band for opening slots with the following groups:

Canadian tour with:
54-40 and Dishwalla

Opening slots for the following bands:
The Payolas
Joan Jett
Rhymes with orange
Mud Girl
The Rose Chronicles
Mystery Machine
Honeymoon suite
Johnny Winter
David Wilcox.

In 1997, James relocated to Calgary where he produced, wrote and arranged his first solo CD, "A Candle Burns" and was instantly signed to Northern Records where they released the first radio single "With Only You”, followed by selective shows in Calgary and Vancouver along with various morning TV shows in Calgary, Vancouver and Red Deer. After a 4 year stint on the West coast, missing his hometown of Huntington, James went back to his roots and after meeting drummer Mark Von D, he then made the official switch from drummer to singer, and that's how Stunned began.

Deriving his love for music from his parents, friends and family, James began playing acoustic guitar at the age of 10. He also took singing lessons with various vocal teachers across Canada. Having the capability to play drums and guitar affords him the well rounded foundation to compose well structured songs. Rhythm, melodies and lyrics are given the same meticulous attention. Passionate and determined, his emotions can be felt in each and every song on stage and in the studio.


Drumming since the age of 13, Mark has spent his life mastering the art of rhythm. With years of schooling and playing clubs with various cover band projects, Mark has covered nearly every style of music.
After playing with several bands considered by major labels such as, “The Curve”, Mark then put his energies into a another band called “Pangaea” (a progressive jazz fusion entity). Things then moved quickly when James and Mark met in 2003 and started working relentlessly to make their musical vision a reality.
Mark's undying commitment to driving Stunned in the studio and on stage has been his priority since day one, resulting in a painstakingly polished musical product.


Chuck’s guitar playing clarified what STUNNED was destined to become, musically. His guitar styling pushed its limits and boundaries
Along with playing guitar, he also doubles as an electric violin player. Furiously playing a 6 string electric violin that suits the hardest rocking themes, as well as the softest musical passages. After working 5 years learning his craft under the watchful eye of Master luthier Mauro Liberatore, he later went on to build his own instruments.
Chucks outrageous, lightning fast technique is reminiscent of great shredders like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, making him a much sought after “gun for hire” guitarist, playing with numerous acts such as:
Beat the Heat
Three Times a Lady
Say Please


Influenced by bands like, Frankie goes to Hollywood, Mister Mister, Heart, Depeche mode, The Bangles, Blondie, and Duran Duran, Anik moved on


Rosie Sunshine

Written By: James Lyn Banning

She hopped a greyhound to L.A. sunset strip another world away Small town girl who thought she had it made.
But dreams don't turn out like you thought they would be, no name in lights up on the silver screen, it's a shame yeah yeah
We miss you all the time Rosie Sunshine
Livin is hard in this concrete jungle town, where all those boys just wanna lay you down you make everything shakeingly groovey
I like those clothes that you dont wear dont need no girly ribbons in you hair, you make everything shakeingly groovey.


Written By: James Lyn Banning

Whatever you said you meant, twisted up and bent all your tiny little words,tiny little words that stung. It goes right on throught me, even when your in dought. Twisted up and bent tiny little words that stung.

Still i lie awake half baked and
I wonder where you are, that feelings never far away, and i can still remember how it used to be you and me.

We chased our shooting stars raced on dirt roads with your daddy's car and i can still remember baby those days, those days.

Whatever you said you felt, even without your love.
Twisted up and bent, your tiny little words that stung.

Now i feel that its all gone, why the hell you make me walk away not today.


Wilcy (demo)
Only Human

Set List

Wit's End
Only Human
Rosie Sunshine
Let's Dance
Out There
Little Black Box
things called love
Even when you're gone