Stuntman Mike

Stuntman Mike


An explosive mixture of groove-laden rhythms and neo-classical influenced noise, crashing together to produce a complete wall of sound, Stuntman Mike are an alternative rock band with a dance twist. Think driven bass sounds, atmospheric delays, sweeping riffs, and enchanting layered vocals.


Formed in late 2008, Stuntman Mike are lifelong friends Scott Hetherington (Lead Vocals), Billy Mulholland (Guitar), Martin Rennie (Bass & Vocals), and Roy Argyle (Drums & Vocals).

Stuntman Mike have spent the last year writing and recording what will eventually form the bands debut album both in their own home studio and with producer Stuart McLeod (Amy MacDonald, The Dykeenies), while regularly playing shows in their hometown of Glasgow. Driven by a strong DIY ethos, the band has quickly developed a loyal local fanbase, emphasised by a sell-out show at the city’s 350 capacity ABC 2 venue.

With the release of their debut single “10,000 Lives” due on 1st March 2010 and a number of live dates being scheduled for around the UK in March & April, Stuntman Mike are looking to take their energetic live show to as many people as possible.

“We love playing to our hometown fans, who have helped create some really special nights for us, but there is an added sense of excitement when playing to a new audience, especially when they show real appreciation for your music and performance“ explains Scott.

The enormous ambition of Stuntman Mike is underpinned by plans to play some shows in the US later in the year, with the band already building the foundations for a following on the other side of the Atlantic after streaming a number of gigs live online.

“We have received some really kind words from people from all over the world. Our music seems to have a real universal appeal that transcends local movements, which is great for us as we have always wanted to produce music that reaches out to a wider audience” says Scott.

With a lot of hard work and dedication the band are hoping that 2010 will bring with it a number of exhilarating new experiences and look forward to welcoming more and more people into the Stuntman Mike family.


Black Day

Written By: Stuntman Mike

Subjugate the innocent,
The Police of another state,
Did I sign debilitate,
Open season on the peace I made,
Who can see and who will take,
Higher ground with a sorry fate,
When the ground we are praying on,
Brings us round to the starting point.

Save me or suffer consequences,
I show you with a cut on the wrist,
Black days oh,
Black as night I confess.

When it comes there is no belief,
Just the mark of a silent thief,
Ridicule conspiracy,
Desecration hanging over me,
Consideration for the common man,
From the podium on which they stand,
Never dimming in the light of day,
But teeth are ripping in another way.


Single: 10,000 Lives (01/03/2010)

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Set List

Typical Setlist:

Black Day - Stuntman Mike
Chemical - Stuntman Mike
Malice - Stuntman Mike
Suffer - Stuntman Mike
Our Place - Stuntman Mike
Your Blood Is A Curse - Stuntman Mike
10,000 Lives - Stuntman Mike

At present our sets are normally 30min long. However we do have enough original material to cover a 60min set.