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The best kept secret in music



Stupendous - "Underestimated"
2003, Golden Mic Entertainment (Portland, OR)
14 tracks, total playing time: 59:44

1) Intro - Underestimated
Tight beat for an intro...little long, but the rhymes afterward definately make up for the wait...
"Underestimate me...think about me what ya will/
When we come face-to-face..its gonna get ill!"

2) Where I'm Comin' From
This beat is crazy...all kinda flavor to it. Bouncy flow hops all over the track...definately feelin the harmony in the chorus...
" you know me/
I'm the kid that put the I-M between the Double P!"

3) You Don't Even Know Me
One of my favorite tracks on the album. Chorus is tight soundin. Flow continues to stay solid...
"We from the O-R...put you in the E-R/
Terrorize these beats so you know who We Are!"

4) Cobra
More of a laid back feel to this one...and maaan, where is these beats comin from!? Stu's lyrics & message mesh perfectly on this track...
"...Be real or you ejected/
If you aint...bein aint livin from my perspective"

5) Empty The Clip
This beat is clownin'! Stupendous continues to show you his versatility with this track, slowing down the flow and blending in with the track...
"Emp-ty the ya brain/
My words like bullets...hit you like a train!"

6) Tough Times
Not one of my favorites, but still way above average. Then again, i ain't really with the reality raps, so most other people would probably dig this...
On my side...Things have always been for the better/
And even in hard times...they always seem to come together"

7) Witness
Chopped up the flow on this one...pure craziness! Actin a fool all over the track, just "flauntin verbal fitness", and i gotta agree...
"Its the one S plus 2--pendous, man/
Might run up on ya block--leave you friendless, man!"

8) Unstoppable
High-energy track about not being held back...alright, but not near the top of my list...
"Try it, dawg...but if you break it you buy it/
But if you want some sick flows--I'm the one to supply it"

9) Suburban Hoodlum
Errie type of beat on this track...more of the same stuff, with a different tight beat, and i mean that in a good way!...
"My crew is thick...don't even try to phase me/
I'm a time bomb...don't make me tick, cuz i'm crazy!

10) Golden Mic Ent. (GME)
Tightest beat on the whole album--bar none...i woke up the other day with this beat looping through my head & had to wake up and play the track--can you believe that? Anyways, he just reppin his Golden Mic company...
"Filled em...their heads...with off the wall lyrics/
Turned em insane...and now they talkin with the spirits!"

11) Life Support
Funky-sounding beat with a crazy flow! Picking out a beat like this, you gotta be a lil looney...i cant disagree with son...
"I arose from the dead...i came out flowin/
"Sick, now...but whats sick is that i'm still growin!"

12) How You Like Me Now
Another one of my favorites...tight beat...still got that bouncy flow, i can't even explain why i like this track, i just do! The shit is tight!!
"You just playa hatin, sayin i'm horrendous, man/
You can't break this--you can't even bend this, man!"

13) Game Over
Almost a southern feel to this one, with the bass...again, not one of my favorites, but a tight track nonetheless...
"He's incredible...his stage presence is tremendous/
Givin ends to my friends and it feels Stupendous!"

14) World To Me
Tight R&B-type track to end the album with...the beat is just crazy tight...Stu spillin his feelins all over this one!...
"Sometimes...afraid to show this crush is deeper than it seems/
I cant..wait to go to sleep so i can see you in my dreams!"


I've had this album for about a week or so, and i've listened to it almost every day...only other NorthWest CD i really played for a week or more was Dividenz (and, granted, i don't have the biggest collection!) I'm a stickler for that D-Block, Lox, Diplomats type shit, where they just wild out and say i found myself lovin most of the tracks on this album. This aint exactly what you might call ground-breaking or life-altering material...but there's tight tracks all over it, and its mos def my favorite album to bump while i'm posting on RapTalk! And we can't forget that this whole LP doesn't have a single THATS droppin ya nutz!

Overall, I'd give it a B...the overdubs are a bit much at certain points, and there's some mubling at times.....but this is definately a SOLID debut album, and well-worth the price!

- Tadou


Watch out yall that joint is off the hook new and hittin...Oregon has got a new Rap star real talk - Young Krime of Felony Ent.


2001 - 3 Track underground demo
2002 - 4 Track underground demo
2003 - appeared on the compilation CD
2003 - The debut LP "Underestimated" is released
2004 - appeared on the Bullet - "When The Rain Falls" EP on the track 'Global Network'


Feeling a bit camera shy


I started off in high school, always writing rhymes in the classroom, sketching down catchy phrases on the margins of my papers. After releasing too rough-around-the-edges demo's, I decided to take the game to the next level. Throughout my entire freshman year at college at the U of Oregon I was hard at work writing and recording the tracks that would become my debut album "Underestimated" . With a slew of talented producers from all around the country I was able to independently release a compilation of my work that I am extremely proud of. My goal is to someday be a staple of northwest hip-hop and eventually make my name known in the broader scale of underground rap music. This album sets me apart from other underground artists because it is a full length album with NO FEATURES, something that is somewhat unheard of and difficult to accomplish. What this means is that I did this all on my own - showing that I am for real with this rap game. I have been influenced by many people and artists, and have had many inspirations that have led me to the point I am at. My main inspiration has been Big Pun, who floored me with some of his rhymes in the short time he was here. Most recently I recorded a song with gold recording artist Dante Thomas whose hit song "Miss California" went #14 on the US Billboards and #1 in Europe. I feel I can learn something from anybody who has ever picked up a mic. For anyone that has dreamed to dream of accomplishments that are unheard of.... this is for you.