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One of Oregon's most talented solo hip-hop artists, independently making hits and making noise throughout the northwest.


I started off in high school, always writing rhymes in the classroom, sketching down catchy phrases on the margins of my papers. After releasing too rough-around-the-edges demo's, I decided to take the game to the next level. Throughout my entire freshman year at college at the U of Oregon I was hard at work writing and recording the tracks that would become my debut album "Underestimated" . With a slew of talented producers from all around the country I was able to independently release a compilation of my work that I am extremely proud of. My goal is to someday be a staple of northwest hip-hop and eventually make my name known in the broader scale of underground rap music. This album sets me apart from other underground artists because it is a full length album with NO FEATURES, something that is somewhat unheard of and difficult to accomplish. What this means is that I did this all on my own - showing that I am for real with this rap game. I have been influenced by many people and artists, and have had many inspirations that have led me to the point I am at. My main inspiration has been Big Pun, who floored me with some of his rhymes in the short time he was here. Most recently I recorded a song with gold recording artist Dante Thomas whose hit song "Miss California" went #14 on the US Billboards and #1 in Europe. I feel I can learn something from anybody who has ever picked up a mic. For anyone that has dreamed to dream of accomplishments that are unheard of.... this is for you.


2001 - 3 Track underground demo
2002 - 4 Track underground demo
2003 - appeared on the compilation CD
2003 - The debut LP "Underestimated" is released
2004 - appeared on the Bullet - "When The Rain Falls" EP on the track 'Global Network'

Set List

These days I am only performing songs that will be on my upcoming album. A good set for me would be around a half hour, but I can work with less as well. I have been performing songs like Come Get It, Don't Rush, Mint Condition, Out of Breath, and Stick Up, among others, and will expand my show as the album progresses!