Stu Perkins

Stu Perkins

 Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

Stu Perkins is a singer/songwriter who performs original folk rock songs with an experienced, professional band. His latest full length album 'Until We Come Undone' releases March 14, 2015.


Stu's latest endeavor, a full length album entitled 'Until We Come Undone' is a collection of personal songs about raising a family, wrestling with faith and engaging emotionally with life. Songwriting influences include The Indigo Girls, Glen Phillips, Tori Amos, Andrew Peterson and Neil Finn.

Stu plays with a band consisting of sought-after professional musicians who all met while helping to build the worship arts ministry at Grace Bible Church. After playing together for years, week-in and week-out, the band has developed a chemistry that brings life and energy to the stage. Stu's original music is faith-based but its about real life and connects with people across faith boundaries. Stu's delivery is heartfelt, energetic, engaging and backed up by a properly good band.


Stars Fall Right

Written By: Stu Perkins

Where will we go when our star explodes
Only God knows
Wait here with me as darkness retreats
And I'll hold you close
Till stars fall right on down
Till stars fall right

Currents are strong but i can go on
With you in my arms
One day we'll breathe a sigh of relief
And start a new dream

When stars fall right on down
When stars fall right

One in a Million You

Written By: Stu Perkins

We knew there'd be days like this
When we felt like giving in
Someone told me once that love starts where the feelings end
But i still remember
And i still miss you when you're gone
You might think those days are over
But you're still the one i want

You could never know what you do to me
You're everything i need
my little sweet thing
And even when i find it hard to breathe
you know i could never leave you lonely
I promised you that i would see this through
So if you'll give me a minute i'll tell you
The million and one things that i'd do
Just to hold on to my one in a million you

You've seen me ugly
You've lived through all my big mistakes
And i've seen you picking up the pieces
To put us back together again
But you're not just my best friend
And you're not just someone i've come to need
You're my picture-perfect god-blessed american dream

So lets make a brand new start
Under a million stars
To witness the words i speak
That it's gonna be you and me
And that means eternity


Until We Come Undone (LP released March 2015)

Set List

We are currently performing songs from our album 'Until We Come Undone' in order to promote the record and build a fan base. When Stu performs solo he includes covers by artists such as Toad the Wet Sprocket, Death Cab for Cutie, Snow Patrol and a few others.