Stupid Flanders

Stupid Flanders


Stupid Flanders consists 6 friends that love playing ska and punk music. They range from the ages 19-34. Stupid Flanders has been around for 4 years and has had many member changes. They have now found the perfect mix of friends/musicians that brings this band to life.


Stupid Flanders started about 4 years ago in a bar in Costa Mesa. A bunch of drunk friends were talking about how they all play different instruments. Next thing you know they had their first band practice. With in the next 4 years they have been through many musicians. Stupid Flanders has finally found the line up that makes them happy.

Stupid Flanders has many influences. Some of the members have been in marching bands while others started in small punk bands and for one member, this is his first band. With these differences the influences go from Hip Hop to Jazz to Ska to Rock. That's why they have such a unique sound. They call their sound Skalternative.

Set List

So far we have 17 songs. Our set lengths are normally 45min - 1 hr.

All Grown Up,
For The Team,
Better Off,
Overtaking You,
She's A Tease,
Twist & Shout,
Mixed Messages,
Box Lunch,
No Other,
My Way,
One Touch,
I Wanna Be The One,