Seattle, Washington, USA

2 girls (one made of plastic) and 1 boy play fuzzed out pop tunes with plenty of hooks and melody. "Poised to bridge the pop/punk gap, the dynamic duo and mannequin sidekick revitalize experimental indie with a much needed — and perhaps overdue — twist." -West Coast Performer


Stuporhero, delivered to you from Seattle, WA, broke into the pop scene in 2005 with their debut album, It Would Be Nice To Wake Up. The band's sophomore release, Last Star Shining, fused Jen and Will's bright harmonies and fuzz-laden guitars to create another collection of ultra-catchy gems. Their latest album, Weightless, is boiling over with effervescent sing-a-longs and somber melodies. As a duo with a rumored third member made of plastic, Stuporhero have been cheered for their ability to “take the indie-rock duo ‘awww’ factor to 11.” Their lo-fi formula also has plenty of goodness for fans of Neutral Milk Hotel and Guided By Voices. With stand out tracks like 'There Goes The Rainbow, Baby' and 'Welcome Wagon' the music of Stuporhero brings an enticing punk-tinged mirthful sound to the indie pop landscape.

Will and Jen started writing and arranging songs they had floating around in early 2005. In July of that year they recorded their debut, It Would Be Nice To Wake Up, with their friend Chad Yenney at Earth To Emma studios. The group started playing live in November of 2005, and at their first show ever, opened for The High Dials. Following a few more shows and some good reviews of the album, released May 2006, Stuporhero took their act on the road on a Western US tour.

During the beginning of 2006, the band began crafting new material and recorded about forty rough mixes of songs in their basement. They ended up recording about twenty of those songs in August of that same year, again at Earth to Emma Studios. Will and Jen did some additional recording and editing in their basement over the next six months and eventually decided on the sixteen tracks for their sophomore album, Last Star Shining, released August 2007. The album received critical acclaim and charted on radio stations across the US and Canada, getting spins at college and other public stations, as well as on nationally syndicated programs. Stuporhero also played a NXNE showcase, were featured on NPR's Open Mic, and embarked on their first nationwide tour.

While working up a set of songs to play on tour, the band was motivated to begin recording a new collection of acoustic inspired songs. The end result is their newest release, Weightless, available as a free download via the band's website

The band is currently in the studio writing and recording new material.

Songs on Weightless, Last Star Shining, and It Would Be Nice To Wake Up were all mixed by Chad at Earth To Emma Studios, produced by Chad and Stuporhero, and mastered at Golden Mastering. All cd covers were designed by Vladimir Verano at Natsu Design.


Punk Like You

Written By: Will Troy

I don't wanna be punk like you
You can't tell me who I'm supposed to be
It can only come from inside me
I don't wanna be
Punk like you

Flying Discs

Written By: Will Troy

Out came the flying discs performing aerial tricks
Believe if you want but believe your own eyes
The people stopped in their tracks
Their feet melt like candle wax

Already my mind's a blur how long has it been
I don't wanna go with them
I don't wanna leave this roller coaster ride
'Cause it's all that I have

5 O'clock Mad Dash

Written By: Will Troy

5 o'clock mad dash into the maelstrom the robots smash
The feeding frenzy continues all night
Liquid concoctions of dynamite
Explodes the collective heart
Divides us each into seperate parts
Each night we pick up the pieces again
5 o'clock mad dash


Written By: Will Troy

Don't throw it too hard
Don't throw it too far
You'll be chasing it down for hours

Superball bouncing away
Well I'd rather stay
Superball bouncing up high
I'm waving goodbye

Looks like you've found
You're lost and nobody's around
I think I saw that superball bouncing again


*Weightless, LP, July 2008*
Last Star Shining, LP, August 2007
The Lonesome Call of the Whprwhil, Compilation, 2007
It Would Be Nice To Wake Up, LP, 2006

Set List

Set is approximately 30-40 minutes in length and consists of 10-12 songs (one or two covers). Set is flexible and can easily be tailored to suit audience and venue (can be acoustic).

Typical Song List:
5 O'Clock Mad Dash
Flying Discs
Get High School
Bill the Bookworm
Punk Like You
Zombies On Parade
Cherry Blossom Cool
Last Star Shining

Possible Covers:
You Have To Be Joking (Flaming Lips)
If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out (Cat Stevens)
We're Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister)
Any Way You Want It (Journey)
Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond)