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The best kept secret in music



If I were given the opportunity to choose another white girl's singing voice I always said it would be the lead singer of Deee-Lite Lady Miss Kier's. Seriously, this girl is as white as it gets but you wouldn't know it because of her amazing soulful range. Deee-Lite was a band ahead of their time. With their heyday in the early 90s, their electro dance sound was like no other and they stole the spotlight with their biggest single: Groove is in the Heart. Can you honestly tell me that when this song comes on at a bar or club you don't want to shake a tail feather? - FabSugar

"Boston Weekly Dig"

Deee-Lite diva Lady Miss Kier is as busy as ever, prepping her solo record and destroying the composure of gay men everywhere.

- Boston weekly

"music monday"

The song that launched a thousand party kids. I dare you to hear the opening bassline and not smile. Deee-Lite - Groove Is In The Heart.
no parking on the dancefloor - - by miz ginevra

"Las Vegas Weekly feb 14 2008"

First off, do you prefer "Lady Miss Kier," or "Lady Kier"?

either one will do I have no prefference. I am still a miss however...... i only bring this up because it is a Valentines party.

What type of set can we expect in Vegas on February 14th at MIX?

I usually check out the crowd first but most of my sets have some obscure disco from the 80's , punk funk , a bit of acid house , and mixed into modern dance cuts from acts like Datarock , ESCORT , Mastrkft, spankrock , MIA , santo gold , leslie and the lies, Amy winehouse , jamie Lidell , Le tigre. Being that it's Valentine's day I might play more of the slow jams - "couples dance " style but I'm going wait until I get into that crowd because I might just switch it all up
on a moments notice. One track i'll play for sure is "happy Valentines day " from Outkaste-the love below. it makes me feel warm and fuzzy just thinking about that track.

Do you ever incorporate your own music in your sets?

yes sometimes I do play my newer trax and if the vibe and system is right I sing a few in my set.

How did you make the transition from singing and writing to DJing?

it all relates . it's all music. I have learned to balance all three but it did take a few years.
After I left the band -I really missed how Dmitry ( the dj of the group) would be practicing his sets and I'd get to hear all the new jams. i used to sing lovesongs about his djing so it only made sense to begin myself after we split up. I could never live without music and I can't imagine what the world would be like without it. the thought itself is sadder than a dog with 2 legs , no bone, and no tale to wag.

You have a wonderful gay following. Why do you think the gay community associates with you and your music so well?

I relate to any group of people who have endured a struggle , probably because I didn't have a stable upbringing and had to crawl thru the broken glass on my knees to get where I think I need to be. . The gay women and men I met in NYC when I moved there in the 80's seemed to enlighten me on so many levels with the music choices, club sound systems , open door policies , humor , flamBOYancy, and political community involvement and organisation.- How could I NOT have been inspired by this special group of people blessed with the key to the doorways into both sexes. I wasn't surprised to hear that many effeminate gay men were shaman in various native american tribes years ago because of this sensitivity many gays share. But I also know a closeted gay can be the most viscious and vile repressed anti-gay lawmaker or hypocritical preacher- so I ,in no means put people on a pedastall purely for their sexual prefferences.

When do you think we can expect to hear your long-awaited solo album?

you have to catch one of my live shows to hear that. I'm not certain when i will release the motherload of music I've been writing since leaving deee-lite- probably as soon as my web-redesign is launched. I'm working on that now. Some financial patrons could surely speed that up .

You're very active in political and social causes. What are you currently working on or passionate about?

I call and write my congress reps about a variety of issues to let them know there are people watching them at work. The big issues for me that replay in my mind are - voter fraud of the last 2 presidential eRections, bringing our troops home and providing them the housing and healthcare they deserve , trying the current administration for war crimes , and keeping church and state seperate as the writers of our constitution intended.

And a few random questions…

Since you have such a colorful and outrageous style- I even dressed up as you for a party one yearJ- do you have anything special planned for your Valentine's Day performance?

I searched for the ugliest and puffiest RED party dress I could find for valentines.

Do you make a lot of your own outfits?

I do alot of thrift shopping at AMVETS or salvation army and then restructure with the help of my friend geoffrey Mac. . vegas must have some gems - I'm imagining the desperation when a gambler loses big and has to sell their flashy clothes off to buy a plane ticket home, when they don't even have enough to buy a hotdog but they're bringing their suitcase into Vegas Salvation army! it's sad really but.... why does this excite me so ?

How many wigs do you own?

wigs ? what are you talking about ? no seriously - a closet full. But not nearly as many as Dolly Parton or the B52's !

Is there anything else you feel is important or you would like our readers to know about you and your music?

hmmmmmm...... I sincerely promise to get this night jumping with ALL my HEART.

- Dianna Rilling

"Vancouver review Aug 2007"

Having had one of the biggest number one singles of the 90s with "Groove Is In The Heart", 9 top 10 hits on the US dance charts, and gracing the covers of magazines like I-D, Surface, The Face, Paper, mixmag, and even VOGUE, Lady Miss Kier became one of the 90s' biggest pop icons.

Last week, nightlife fixtures The House Of Venus had the good sense to bring Kier to Vancouver where she performed a sold out show to over 1,000 people, and suprised them with some killer new material, along as some of her biggest hits.

I have to say -- few people can achieve what she has, and are yet still able to deliver a performance as entertaining and high energy as she managed to. I have a hard time imagining many of her fellow 90s chartoppers doing the same.

--Make sure to stay on the lookout for new material from Lady Miss Kier by checking out her MYSPACE.

Here are a few scattered pictures of the evening:
 - Vancouver

"Greatest single of all time"

Groove Is in the Heart

This song has no right to be so enduring. Too many aspects of "Groove Is in the Heart" are plainly absurd the slide whistle, the vocal tics and rap breakdown, the cheesy samples for it to have been anything more than a lower entry on Novelty Song Lists or a sheepishly released B-side. We're going to dance / We're going to dance / We're going to dance / And have some fun" intones the intro. This sounds far too much like organized fun,which is anything but fun, let alone cool. The mix, all random sounds bouncing around, is too busy,it could only have been compiled by an obsessive nerd. Minimalism is cool; clutter ain't.
Nevertheless, seventeen years after its release, Deee-Lite's song remains an infectious dancefloor filler. Kids nowadays may not know the song by name, and are even unlikelier to know anything about its progenitors, but the slinky bass line and soberly insistent tambourine are guaranteed to tickle their ears and get their hips twitching. Lady Miss Kier's dynamic vocal ,all sass in the verse and sonorous in the chorus will inspire impassioned copycats. The song's exhausted shutdown will lead to appreciative cheering and perhaps even pleas for a repeat spin.
Its appeal? It's a dance song for the dorky masses. Groove may be in the heart, but cool ain't nearly as ubiquitous. Being a music fan is often an exercise in social maneuvering. "Groove Is in the Heart" flipped a nerdish finger to this hegemony. You didn't need to move in the right circles to enjoy this song, you just needed to be in the dance circle. I've seen the song work its magic: my college dormitory adopted it as its party anthem even developing a goofy dance routine (incorporating such choreographic classics as the pot stirring and the sprinkler). From the cool clique to the freaks, the song united the community.
In the years since "Groove Is in the Heart", grunge crashed through and sold its soul, dance music went overground, Girl Power fizzed, hip-hop hit the clubs, Britney jailbait nymphettes completed a 7-10 split in musical demographics, and guitars returned to turn the clock back thirty years. However, no matter how much the songs changed, the audiences stayed the same. Amidst this musical upheaval, jocks stayed jocks and dorks were dorks. You can't fight society. However, "Groove Is in the Heart" cleared a path to the dancefloor for all social strata. With its joyful spirit, it may very well be the greatest single of all time.

- December 18, 2006

"Still Groovy"

Deeelite are largely known nowadays for one song, Groove Is In The Heart, but dig deeper and their dance/house music has other worthwhile tracks too (sometimes mixing some personal or global politics into their funky feel good songs) including Deee-Lite Theme, Bittersweet Loving, Who Was That? and I Had A Dream I Was Falling Through A Hole In The Ozone Layer.
Deee-lite's repetoire has inspired recent bootleg remixes from hollertronix /diplo , arman van heldon, covers by gravy train , Macy grey , Janet Jackson, Billy Brag , among others, in their recent live shows, , and have showed up on recent playlists by Playgroup , Frankie knuckles , Dirty martini among others.

- Nov 2007


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