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The best kept secret in music


"They’ve balls the size of cabbages and make an utterly splendid racket"

There’s nothing stuttering about this Glasgow four-piece. Think Blondie, Elastica, The Cramps, Glitter Band… oh, you know. They’ve balls the size of cabbages and make an utterly splendid racket. With support already from XFM, NME and MTV you’re not going to be able to ignore this lot. Really, you’re not. -

"Blondie for the new generation..."

"Blondie for the new generation..." -

"these guys are on my ones to see list"

A gorgeous blonde woman entered the stage, guitar stapped to her chest. Her first words were "All right Edinburgh, we are the bunnies!". This funky, punky, rock band hailing from Glasgow are actually one of the biggest selling artists in Scotland right now. Having played on ITV and York TV in March last year, and pulling played T-In The Park as well, they pull off some brilliant songs which I just had to dance to (well try). I enjoyed every second of their set. These guys are definitely worth looking out for. We managed to have a few words with Michelle Martin, lead singer of the bunnies, and we both came away with an E.P. and a keyring (a damn keyring! How cool is that for still being a small young band?). these guys are on my ones to see list... -

"Think Placebo on speed, and you’re in the right ball park."

If ever there was a band that got straight to the point with short, hard-hitting songs, the Bunnies are it. The five-piece blasted on to the make-shift stage at the Attic bar like they had a point to prove, and believe me, they proved it! Within 25 minutes they had rattled through an amazing 10 songs, with time for some chat in between. These guys don’t mess about, however their tunes in no way sounded rushed, they just got straight to the point and moved on, leaving their audience clearly wanting more. The sound the Bunnies want to create is an eclectic mix of emotional punk. Think Placebo on speed, and you’re in the right ball park.

They opened with ‘15ft,’ which had an angst/punk attitude oozing from it, and definitely set the standard for the whole set. ‘Far Out,’ with its interestingly syncopated intro and ‘Bound’ proceeded, proving that you don’t need a 5 minute tune in order to accomplish everything from rhythm and tempo changes, to effective chord progressions.

And so the set continued with ’82,’ clearly the head bobbing and most entertaining tune of the evening, which incorporated fast drumming with slower walking bass lines and was met, like most songs, with warm reception from the audience. ‘Room with a view’ followed, along with ‘Summer Rain’ which was yet another hard hitter, and the effective changes in rhythm throughout evidently showed how much pent up energy this band have. ‘Autopsy’ was another crunching song which, I believe, describes killing someone. This shows that the Bunnies have a darker side, which was made even more clear with ‘Heard you say,’ integrating excellent vocals over grim guitar riffs.

They finished with ‘Fetish,’ a tune that incorporated appropriate sound effects from the vocalist, and an impressive guitar solo to finish off, making for an excellent end of set song. The Bunnies are hopefully going to be huge. As much as I love tunes that don’t labour the point, it would have been nice to have a couple of songs with just a little bit more to them. The energy they have as a band is incredible so watch out for them and you won’t be disappointed. - Live Music Direct

"pick of the bunch"

On a night dedicated to the best up and coming Scottish indie and rock, Stutterbunny took the stage at London's premier venue Camden Underworld to let loose their indie/punk set on a small but game London crowd.

The four piece from Glasgow are fronted by Michelle Martin, a real rock chic with plenty of balls and charisma. They have been together since 2004 and had their fair share of media coverage (even being shown on adverts just after Coronation Street!). They played a thirty minute set of three minute retro indie tunes mixing the sound of Elastica and Blondie with more than a hint of the B-52's in a few of the numbers. The bass dominates many of the songs and is well balanced by the lead vocals to give a late seventies punk feel. 'Heard you say', the title track of their first EP which was definitely the strongest song of the night, and their time on stage flew by although there could have been more variety in the set.

The bunnies were the pick of the bunch from the Scots bands. As for the name, no idea where it comes from but it's definitely one that is difficult to forget!
- Music News

"portraying life’s s**t through music"

Sinister and tunefully dark, the instrumental aspects of the music, such as the guitars and percussion although not too adventurous compliments the vocals in a way that an elaborate riff couldn’t, in tracks such as ‘heard you say’ and ‘fetish’ a creepy Black Sabbath type pounding beat is adopted and in ‘livid’ I hear an exiting explosion of screaming tune to the style of ‘Nevermind’ Nirvana and enthusiastic, ambitious vocals sounding to me to be in the manner of Karen O of the ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’s’.

The lyrics too seem influenced by feelings of depression and despair and these are skilfully mirrored in the angst-full yet buoyant and strong-minded singing of Michelle Martin, the female lead vocalist and songwriter of ‘the bunnies’. With bleak lyrics such as “my head is spinning but the world is still stalling me” from autopsy and the sexual overtone of ‘Ballad Of Tweet And Scoob' about a relationship break, and possibly also a kinky affair, despite pessimistic implication the feelings generated by the music are of a grating orgasmic pleasure to the ears, sometimes quirky, sometimes more rugged with great foot tapping provocation.

The music holds meaning, which I always appreciate, 'autopsy' a kind of surreal round about rant at the let downs and single interest of most of the music industry, to their first single ‘heard you say’ which appears to be a song of pure depression and despair. In the words of Michelle - “portraying life’s s**t through music”. I greatly enjoy listening to this EP; the variation between songs and mood is pleasing. Only one slightly negative thing in that with repetitive listening it does begin to pull your mood down from a previous high, unless this is your desired feeling. The comparison by some to ‘placebo’ I cannot at all see except in maybe the general gloomy feeling of the music.

Having already had many many TV appearances, a performance slot on BBC radio 1's evening session and a slot at the ‘T in the park’ festival already seem to be on the track to success, lacking only a full signing for the release of an album. I can only wish them luck for their future music careers. - FFRUK

"a formidable force on the UK alternative music scene"

the name of this band usually has the immediate effect of attracting the attention of the curious. On closer inspection, the music of this young post-punk quartet also stands up to scrutiny. Their website introduces them as "an energetic, female fronted guitar driven punk/rock band forged from the tower block and social decline of Glasgow's North side." That would seem to be an accurate description. These kids have been developing into one of Glasgow's slow burning success stories. They have already featured on national BBC radio and ITV, and have performed live at Scotland's premier music festival "T In The Park". Their first release is the 5-track EP called "Heard You Say" on Evil Anne Records. This is brooding yet uplifting at the same time. The stand out tracks, are "Heard You Say" and "Livid".

Overall, a trend is clear - Stutterbunny are building into a formidable force on the UK alternative music scene. -


"Heard You Say" 5 track EP (Evil Anne Records 2005) - was no1 in BT BROADBAND NEW MUSIC CHART for 8 weeks. EP tracks made the A' list at both Pulse Unsigned and Radio 1 Unsigned. Tracks appeared on "Placebo: Androgyny" DVD and live session recorded for ITV, York TV and BBC3 music shows.

"82" download only single (Evil Anne Records 2007). No 3 in the nessmp3 chart and no2 in the chart January 2007. Track used as opening theme for BBC2 "Raw Creatives" documentary.

"The Psychopath Next Door" (Evil Anne Records 2007) - COMING SOON!


Feeling a bit camera shy


Formed from the tower blocks and social decline of Glasgow’s north side STUTTERBUNNY have proven through dedication and hard work that they are a formidable force on the UK alternative music scene. Having already performed at some of the UK’s best live music venues and festivals, and receiving top industry reviews they are set to make their mark in 2007 with the release of their debut album THE PSYCHOPATH NEXT DOOR on homegrown Evil Anne Records.

Musically they span two genres – punk and indie, and with influences from artists such as Elastica, Nirvana, Blondie and The White Stripes the bunnies have concocted their own blend of catchy and infectious angst dirty-groove pop songs that are reflective of their roots. They have already recorded live sessions for Radio 1, Radio Scotland and XFM, and no strangers to television either have performed live for ITV, York TV and BBC3 music shows.

Following on from the success of their 2005 debut EP release HEARD YOU SAY (as Eric and the bunny boilers) - which was the first ever Scottish no1 in the BT BROADBAND NEW MUSIC CHART, THE PSYCHOPATH NEXT DOOR is the new single set for release Monday April 23rd which supplies a fast paced and energetic exploration into the mind of a serial killer. The track is a follow up to the EP track “Autopsy”.

STUTTERBUNNY appear on the PLACEBO: ANDROGYNY DVD produced by Focal Point Media. Several STUTTERBUNNY tracks currently feature as soundtrack to several short films and documentaries, including the BBC’s RAW CREATIVES.

Their provocative music video for “82” features a special appearance by Ms. Poledance UK and is currently airing on the indie music channels. The video is available online at and The highlights from the bunnies’ main stage performance at London’s prestigious NOISE festival in October 2006 are soon to air on MTV.

The band are currently in the studio working on the finishing touches to their new album with renowned music producer Greg Friel. The album is set for release at the end of the summer 2007.