Stu Whisson

Stu Whisson


A unique accoustic singer songwriter that invokes emotions from heartfelt partly biographical songs about life and more.


Stu Whisson the artist fomerly known as Jon Stuart? Well yes! He spent the majority of his career as a musician under this name since an early development deal with an Indie label, that went pear shaped! Recently, as a revival of his talents and music, the artist formerly known as Jon Stuart, has gone back to his real name of Stu Whisson. We catch up with Stu at his home studio outside of Shrewsbury!

So what made you change your name back?

'Well after spending 6 years being someone else, I thought, hey, I want to be me again. Im fed up with Jon Stuart getting all the attention.'

How would you desribe your music?

'Good question! Some liken me to Neil Finn or David Gray, even perhaps Jackson Browne (but I think that person was being generous!). But I don't really sound like them, my music is different from everyone elses. Why spend ages trying to sound like someone else, when I believe I have made the right choice and gone with my own feeling and therefore sound. The only real simarlarity that Neil Finn and David Gray and I share, is that we all write acoustic music, that has a more adult and mature edge lyrically.'

Tell us about the new album?

'Well in all honesty it's more of a bloated EP. The CD has 8 tracks, but will have more. All recorded and engineered, produced and tarted around with by myself at my little studio at home, where most of my spare cash has gone recently. There are two live tracks on the CD that are first takes and whereby the song was litteraly written as I was singing. The others are more studio productions. Again, I haven't tarted around with them too much. Music is all about expression of feeling and emotion. This I feel is lost in most albums because they are made far too perfect. This makes the music sound plastic somehow!'

What's next for Stu Whisson?

'Well, I am writing more material as well as reviving old songs. Having written for some 15 years there are some great songs in the past, that at the time just didn't have the technology to capture them properly. Now thankfully I can. I'm also on the lookout for a decent Manager. Oh yes, there are people who claim to be Managers, but I'm looking for someone that has the balls the experience and the belief in my music.'


Our Old Song

Written By: Stu Whisson

Verse 1

When your asleep
Lying in bed
Do you see me
Or demons instead

Dreamin’ alone
Heart lost and died
Feeling the truth, it
Hurts cause we lied


But I’m not along
Cause I’ve got the radio on
And it’s playin’
Our old song

Verse 2

Torn up inside
Feeling subsides
Pictures of you lay
Down by myself

Poison words spilled
Should never have said
Two souls collide
And love left for dead

Chorus x 1

If you see me
Crying inside
Just walk away
Or shield your eyes

No words can mend
The scars on my heart
Cause love may heal the loney
But it’s tearing me apart

Chorus x 2


About Time - Album 2001
About Time Too - Re release with new singles

Our Old Song*
100 Miles*

* Full song can be streamed from the Audio link on this site.

Set List

Love I left Behind
Our Old Song
So far away
100 miles
Without You
Cannot Lie