Jackie and Ginger went to the woods. They brought banjos, guitars, violins, tube amps, a saw, and some wooden blocks. They saw no one for four days. They returned with a record. It goes like this:


Styches is the joint musical project of Kyle Hamlett (frontman of Nashville band, Lylas) and singer-songwriter Kelli Shay Hix.

Though driven largely by fingerpicked guitar and haunted violin, styches' music also incorporates a variety of acoustic and electric instruments and ambient sounds.

The duo composes using pieces of melodies both have a habit of inventing and recording largely their sleep and collecting with bedside tape recorders. When the tapes become full, styches goes into a yearly retreat, recording and composing away from home and family and friends and almost entirely on analogue four-track equipment.

What began as a necessary way of writing and recording has become a loose rule by which styches operates. It has been decided that it is time to bring the music out of hiding....



Set List

Styches typically plays a 25 minute set.