Stygian Sky

Stygian Sky


Featuring a brutal combination of death, thrash and progressive metal styles, Stygian Sky presents a distinctive mix of dark melodies and crushing riffs in a unique take on heavy music.


Stygian Sky began as a simple recording project between a couple of close friends. The resulting chemistry had sparked the desire to expand the project and before long, a full band line-up was established. The band soon settled upon a sound that would best capture their interests and abilities, and they began work on their first public demo which was released in late 2008.

Stygian Sky continues to work on material for their first full-length recording with plans to support the release with a jaw dropping live experience.


Here I Stand

Written By: Stygian Sky

Forged within a shroud of fallacy.
Obscured the direction,
all simplicities of the means.
Adverse in perception, subconsciously recognized
The exhausting of progressive motions
Enslaved is the self in a futile sacrifice to serve in this failed endeavor

Through my convictions, find a way, a revelation of necessity's solution

Augmenting the expanse between the conceivers and consuming
Give focus to the blurring lines between lucid and integrated minds

Seemingly essential, a struggle to release, I renounce what once defined

Eyes glazed over they succumb to their delusions
Victims of a mutual corruption
Aspirations fixed in constant decline, as captives of an ideal's design

Here I stand beyond
a world's dependancy.
Here I stand beyond
this perversion of man

Over My Dead Body

Written By: Stygian Sky

Life in the past, was it easier then?
Memories have left me, but they come again.
Haunting perceptions, relentless begin.
You all alone with my thoughts in the end.

Come walk with me through the times that have been.
Dark places of torment, there's no giving in.
Gripping and strangling the vows that were said.
Immortally know my love for you death.

Visions within the strange voices consumed.
Eroding my being though covered by you.
Sift through the realms of denial and truth.
Daily reforming the life we once knew.

Befallen now severed reduced to exist.
Handed a plague that time cannot fix.
Unforgiving enslavement, the mourning of flesh.

Pursuing the renderings of all that were missed.
Thrown to oppression, unfitting deceit.
Why limitless praise for what is not seen?
Destined incarnate, dismal beneath.
Delusional grandeur, conflicting your peace.

Such Prominent Endeavors

Written By: Stygian Sky

The state of things becoming clearer but actions fail to pierce the skin.
Imposing is the weight their manipulations, twisted visions.
Preparations made for war go unfulfilled without conviction.
Toxic to a hopeful being, in giving substance to an end.

Throughout this existence, misguided ways, upon a faltered path.

Instinctively persisting, descending from a higher course.
Dreams cast into a hail of stone.
Conscious and observing, yet passively opposed, as ruin sits upon a throne.

Discordance to all natural ways through acquisition of our ease.
Reduced is the means to function, dictated by an insatiable need.
Crusaders of righteous intention, witness a feast of disregard.
Surging contempt from all directions, abandoning our sustenance.

The pursuing of elation, misguided ways, to a final fault.

Tides of Consciousness

Written By: Stygian Sky

Time once spent, a world of light. Now hope devoid without reprive.
The crux of life within the eye, withdraw self judgement, become free.

Testing waters, easing pawns, one by one to take it's place, a lie agreed upon more lies.

Paralyzed, advancing course. Foreclose on a response contrived.
Entrust onto subconscious minds, all terrifying troubled lives.

Senses fade from fixations. Recall a past that used to be.
A voice within instilled remains, subjective to all ways and means.

Testing waters, easing pawns, one by one to take it's place.
Inhale all loss with nothing gained.

Dominate internal fears, negative perverse injections.
Subluxations throughout ones will. Redeeming fate without contention.

Affirmative to overcome, the absolute persuasive need.
Counteract abnormal rifts, discern importance, self perceived.


Stygian Sky - Selftitled EP

Set List

Here I Stand,
Over My Dead Body,
Such Prominent Endeavors,
Tides of Consciousness,
Angel or Imp,
Between Two Worlds,
Dreaming the State of Reality, Apophis, Austere Projection

45 minute set