Ability sect that wins grand prix in a lot of contests.
Pop instrumental unit that consists of Eisuke takahashi (violin), Tomohiko nagasawa (contrabass), and Sachi horie (piano).


Unique unit not caught in hot Latin type to which it prepares and all genres are taken from [nomono] to the pop bright one and ballade.
It jumps, and the person at once can do the crowd of becoming it impossibility to pass, and is drawn in to the charm in every young and old man and woman on the street while doing the bridge playing violin descending of the performance exceptionally as the contrabass is turned and it kicks up.
Selling about 10000 CD : though the ability is independent production in two years.
Moreover, overcapacity and SOLD OUT are accomplished in Roppongi Sweet Basil to which a first class the eminent inside and outside the country artist performs, and one-man live in motion blue Yokohama etc. has been decided.
It is called in the festival in U.S. bases in Yokosuka recently, and it tries to flap in not only Japan but also the world.
Noteworthy unit style-3 to charm listened what because of pure sound without word. It is a check necessary.

Check please!!


Four singles and three albums have been released before.