Styles of Saturn

Styles of Saturn

 Miami, Florida, USA

Most fascinating, elusive, different, creative, and stylish band


The band Styles of Saturn first started with Lashawn and Danny as an acoustic duo. They captured their audience with lovelorn lyrics, catchy hooks and abstract melodies. They would perform at all open mics and anywhere else that would let them play their original music. Now after adding their drummer Michael Walding, they are a trio, they have sound that is described as beautiful, and ferocious. Their live performances are filled now with energy and raw emotion. The lyrics touch on so many topics of alien encounters, ghosts, broken relationships, deppresion, politics, and war.


Their self titile album is out for sale, pruduced by the indie label ISW label.

The second album will completed at the end of this year.

Also check out our youtube performance videos by searching for our band name "Styles of Saturn"

Set List

Beautiful Darknes
Grooving With the Aliens
Boomerang Love
Party's At Tel Aviv
Need To See My Friend's Again
Head Up Soldier
American Bats
Plagues of the Century
Psycho in a Good Way
Stop and Look Sideways