My music is unique and one of kind. I could be the next Ray Charles. There's very few people that can combine R&B and Gospel and make it sound good.


An accomplished pianist of smooth and sultry R&B productions with occasional hip-hop beats, SUAVE's extensive background in R&B music has allowed him to produce his own album. A native of Louisiana, SUAVE' later moved to Washington, DC where he began recording his own soundtracks.


True Praise

Written By: Charles Pleasant

No lyrics

I'm so In Love With You

Written By: Charles Pleasant



Album - SUAVE'

All tracks have currently have streaming on ITUNES, AMAZON, Napster, etc.

Set List

1 Forever

2 I'm Going Home

3 Interlude

4 True Praise

5 Look At What He's Done

6 This Is My Song

7 So I Can Be Free

8 Your Guiding Light

9 Interlude 2

10 What Would I Do

11 I'm Going Home - Remix

12 Give Him Praise