Love, Anger, & Sorrow are the true key words that would not only describe my music but also who I am. Making money is nice and allows me to get what I want, but at the same time; I get more of a forfillment from just expressing myself to my fans through my music.


Suave; A young adult (19) started off with writing poetry then using that skill to my music. A very open-minded person to anything and everything. What seperates me from others is my ways, my attitude, & my respect & love for music. I'm mostly serious about my business in the studio and the business that surrounds it but I can be funny too, especially when it comes to the females. At this time, I'm working on my performences and developing my skills in learning how to play the guitar and piano. My future goal is to someday own his own music & business company.


My Smash hit, I'm Diggin You feat. Mo'shae & Ace. Collabbing on a nice smooth R&B track in which we have nearly everyone in NJ & B-more going nuts for back in the fall.

Set List

My list are understandable with these emotions: Love, Anger, & Sorrow. naming a couple: Midnight Trance, You & Me, Thunder Dance, In My City, & Baby My Love are songs I've created due to what I've been through as in relationships. So I like my listeners to know exactly what I go through.