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"The Mix Tape with Tony Marks Juice FM"

Wed 12/10/11 Summer Camp and Kitty Daisy & Lewis
- Tony Marks New Music Show Juice FM

"Video Suave Debonair "Turn It On It's Head""

Suave Debonair spends an entire video skateboarding on a boardwalk, and it’s actually not that bad. The sun is shining, the Benny Hill-y police officer chasing the boys around brings at least a smile out with its tongue in cheek qualities, and it’s quite appealing, perhaps due to the simplicity of it all.

The song’s not bad. It’s catchy enough with a simple chorus and verses, and while it’s probably not going to be a monster hit, it’s a good enough song that is going to generate some buzz amongst the people that are into this brand of music.

- Online Drop Out UK

"Get to Know Suave Debonair"

Suave Deboniar has been making music for quite a long time– how long? Let’s just say that he was recording his first bars on cassette tapes. “Though that was probably [because] we didn’t have a computer rather than that shit not being invented yet. I didn’t necessarily know that music was the thing I wanted to do I just knew I didn’t [want to] sit at a desk plus I’m bad a building stuff so a trade was not going to work for me. I always had a big mouth though; the rest just fell into place,” explained Debonair.

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Hailing from Littlehampton in the United Kingdom James Dillamore originally went by the name J-Dilla before changing his stage name to Suave Debonair. Unfortunately the name J-Dilla was already taken; “I used to go under the name J-Dilla because for real that’s the closest to my ‘real’ name. My family that know me from way back still call me Dilla but I got pissed off explaining that I wasn’t trying to bite off one of the best producers Hip Hop ever had so needed to change it. I wrote a track called Kid Genius around the time I was thinking about changing the name and that stuck so I rolled with it for a while and got some exposure playing on pirate radio.” Later when he changed up his sound he changed up his name and now he is Suave Debonair.

The stage is the proving ground, at least that’s what Suave says, “you might sound tight on record but if you can’t get your swagger on stage then you aint doing it. My DJ T-Cuts and singer Kate White have been on the road wherever and whenever we can be. We’ve played to packed clubs as well as gigs where it’s us the sound man and 10 other people but we still rock it cos we love doing it. If someone tells me after the show that they thought it was fucking good then I’ve entertained somebody by doing what I love to do and nothing beats that, when you see a person in the crowd react to a bar you wrote you catch that smile that’s what playing live is about. That and breaking stuff.”

Every musician wants recognition for their work, Suave has been mentioned in numerous publications and websites, most notably Hip Hop Connection. “All the UK heads that liked Hip Hop in any way read [Hip Hop Connection]. I grew up reading that magazine and to be in one of the last ever issues was a huge thing for me. I can remember putting up the posters of Big Pun and Biggie in my room when I was a kid, I had no clue that years on I’d be mentioned in there that’s still crazy to me. Shit the article was tiny too haha!

Suave’s sound is definitely not run of the mill, his influences come from interesting artists that most rappers wouldn’t admit to. When asked to describe his sound he says; “I’m just a dude telling people what I see, what I’ve been through and what I think about shit. I was listening to some Michael Macdonald today that’s the original Eminem right there, his shit is super tight. With the Suave Debonair sound it’s a lot of storytelling stuff mixed with big sounding club smashes with a more live sound. Look out for the Donny Osmond samples bitch.”

Debonair’s songs definitely do tell a story, most of his songs actually have a plot. “IT Dave,” for example, tells the story of an anti social IT guy who eyes the office hotties by day and writes code by night.

- Online Dirty Laces

"Introducing Suave Debonair"

For people who are too ingrained in the stereotypical American ways of Hip-Hop, acts like MC Solaar or The Streets just sound silly.

I’ve let a few people listen to non-American Hip-Hop and they laugh at it because it’s either not in an American accent or because they can’t wrap their heads around something other than American Hip-Hop. Sure, it’s an American genre and they pretty much have it wrapped up, but more and more countries are pushing the boundaries of Hip-Hop based solely on the fact that they have different outlooks on life and music based on their culture an environment.

Suave Debonair is a dude from Brighton, England, with a wealth of lyrical wit and flair and apparently endless flow. The jam he sent me has the most giantest of horn hooks I’ve heard since Beyonce sampled The Chi-Lites, which is also a sample from what sounds like a monster of a Funky-Disco-Soul tune from the 70s, emblazoned with fake Afros and rainbow-coloured writing. Right now I wanna just stroll down the street throwing peace signs at passers-by and saying “Grooooovayyyy”.

He can switch it from a straight up dancefloor anthem in “Turn It On Its Head” to a humourous and equally-as-bangin’ “IT Dave”; his bite being one of the smartest in the genre and as he couples it with some Fatboy Slim-eque samples and beats and old-school Motown melodies, you’re torn between either getting lost in his stories and getting down to the chorale he creates. Below you can hear three songs so you can decide for yourself and there might even be an LP on the way early next year.

Keep up to date with Suave Debonair – Facebook | MySpace | Soundcloud

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"Turn it on it's Head" (received airplay from 1xtra, Capital, reached number 5 in the Urban Club Chart).

Feature rap on the original version of the debut track "F**k Me" from STOOSHE (Warner Bros) with the official video racking up well over 100'000 hits on youtube.

"Play Your Game" (produced by Pete Cannon) due for release in April 2012

Boardmasters festival: live interview with Ace & Vis where he introduced his debut single 'Turn it On Its Head' and astounded the crowd with his ice-cream eating skills

Track 'Hey Yeah' also soundtracked a promotional video for a new energy drink which is being promoted by Sam and Holly Branson



Suave Debonair (James Dillamore) was born in the seaside town of Littlehampton. He started rapping around 17 year old, making tracks and mixtapes with DJ T-CUTS for friends. As Suave's style evolved, he hooked up with hip hop producer and one part of glitch hip hop group Naive Machine David Pilcher. From there Suave would travel to record tracks with Naive and play gigs all over the UK. Gaining a little momentum on the underground hip hop scene, Suave got spun on pirate radio under the name Kid Genius before laying down some wittier material with more light hearted themes under the moniker Suave Debonair. Suave contunies to write day in day out, consistently building his following and moving towards more mainstream success with plays on 1Xtra and Capital. With the release of 'Play Your Game' in the coming months, Suave is concentrating on putting out 'The Hot BBQ Mixtape' to follow for early summer featuring many of the rappers he has encountered on his journey through the scene.