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Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil | SELF

Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil | SELF
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was going to open this little introduction by mentioning that SUBBURBIA reminded me a touch of Cansei de Ser Sexy ………… but then I read that this comparison is forever being made back in their Brazilian homeland – and they hate it!

So I’ll quantify that a little. There are definitely some similarities, especially so when Marina delivers her vocals in a more spoken fashion. And if you listen to more ‘dancey’ tracks by the band, then you can maybe appreciate why such comparisons are made.

But in fairness, I think SUBBURBIA have a heavier edge to them than CSS.

The band have been on the go for over three years now, but have gone through band-members like Chelsea go through Managers. No – more than! In fact, it is reckoned that there may be as many as thirty ex-members out there! But now that they have settled (the current line-up has been unaltered for a whole twelve months now!) they are planning to tour UK in 2013.

It may be an interesting watch! - Loud Horizon

"Nossa banda predileta: Subburbia, de Curitiba (Our Favorite Band: Subburbia)"

Os Novos Curitibanos estão dominando geral. O Drunk Disco vai abrir para o Rapture no Popload Gig, o CopaClub e o Rosie and Me vão invadir o Sxsw, o Bonde do Rolê gravou com o Caetano Veloso, a Marina Gasolina ex-Bonde está gravando com o Adriano ex-CSS e você não aguenta mais esperar o vídeo novo pós-”Oração” (8 milhões e meio de views) d’A Banda Mais Bonita da Cidade.

Agora vem o vídeo novo do sensacional Subburbia, para a música “You’re Not Getting Younger”, que estreará nesta semana na MTV. Coisa linda. O vídeo tem produção da Terry Crew e foi dirigido por Estelle F.

O Subburbia foi destaque em setembro de uma Popload Session. Tocaram a ótima “Bullets” e fizeram uma cover absurda da extrafamosa “Blue Monday”, do New Order. - POPLOAD - Lucio Ribeiro


When most people think of Brazil, they think of samba or bossa nova. But honestly, just like Motown is considered “retro” here, those sounds aren’t really reflective of the youth culture, whose musical background spans from everything to electro, to hip-hop, to punk.

Take the band SUBBURBIA from Curitiba, south of Sao Paulo. The sound is a riff off of Brooklyn garage indie, yet it’s always interesting to see traditional North American styles filtred into the local scene. There is something about this track “You’re Not Getting Younger,” that appeals to me. It’s so…dirty. I don’t know what it is exactly but it works for me. Check it. - The Couch Sessions

"Subburbia – You’re not Getting Older"

Today Stagedive escapes the cold weather and heads off (metaphorically) to Brazil. We rarely get a chance to review music outside of Europe and North America so it’s a bit of an occasion when we receive tunes from a different part of the world.

Furthermore Subburbia (as the band is called) is great. The tune itself is full of crunchy riffs and hip hop beats. At any point you expect the riffs to get heavier (they do get just a bit louder) but thankfully this doesn’t happen and the catchy melody is dominant.

We’ve got the video as well – if shots of graveyards and the band in front of trippy visuals is your thing then you’re definitely in for a treat! - StageDive

"Subburbia: Yes/No"

Subburbia have yet to be upstaged by a circus performer, but surely it’s only a matter of time (and, in all honesty, I feel that this is reasonably true for most of the human race).

Apparently Subburbia are annoyed that the Brazilian press keep comapring them to CSS, which is understandable, as they sound virtually nothing like Lovefoxx and co.

You’re Not Getting Younger is one of those songs that I spend too long flip-flopping over: do I really like it, or just, you know, a bit? In the place of a firm decision, it has ended up on ANBAD, and in an almighty cop-out, you are now invited to be the judge.

What’s unavoidable is that Subburbia‘s knack of throwing a hefty quasi-metal choruses into twinkly, buzzy pop songs is a crafty trick – one which some will find jarring (possibly me) and others will see as an arresting musical punch (also possibly me), and the fact that I’m agonising over their merit at all is almost certainly a good sign.

MORE: - ANBAD: A New Band A Day


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DECEMBER 2011 - YOU'RE NOT GETTING YOUNGER / december get's me high SINGLE

SEPTEMBER 2011 - BULLETS / stevie nicks SINGLE



Subburbia has been for a while that kind of band that changes band-mates like picks. It was a long journey to find the right people and right sound.
For two years now, Subburbia is the same band: Emil, the frontmen and only original member, Ernani, who was already playing synth when Vir became the drummer and Marina added the guitar and vocals. This combination resulted in their new sound: witty, sexy and chaotic.

Even with constant changes, Subburbia managed to become one of the most hyped indie bands in the country. Blame Emil, whose performance is quite hard to forget and their new ep PENTAGRAMA, that is violently widening the range of Subburbia's fans.

In the brazilian press, Subburbia is compared to CSS all the time. The band obviously hates it, but admits that there are a few things in common and hopefully, many others separating them. This comparison has not much to do with their sound, but loads with their gig, which can put you in a certain mood that only Lovefoxx would be able to in a decade back.
They would rather be compared to Iceage, but they have no wave, and they care about stuff. And also, around 10 people in Brazil know Iceage (Subburbia included).

This recurrent comparison might come from the fact that like CSS, Subburbia don’t sound much brazilian. They sound just… new and closer to the reality of our unbound world.