SubCity Dwellers

SubCity Dwellers

 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN

SubCity Dwellers are a well-rounded, high energy dance band with a party in their back pocket. Strong reggae, soul, blues and rock'n'roll influences mix with lots of edge and occasional latin and roots feels for a truly danceable sound. This isn't a party you want to miss.


Thrown together in the summer of 2002, Winnipeg’s SubCity have kicked through the lines of genres, fusing a brazen alchemy of ska, reggae, punk rock and blues. Citing influences from Ray Charles and the Clash to Studio One reggae and rocksteady, the band’s panoramic musicianship and peerless sound are accompanied with vigourous, passionate performance. The SubCity stage transforms into a rock n’ roll circus floor, pulling patrons with a range of palates into the music’s inescapable lure.

The octet’s 2004 outing, “When the Beat Starts to Pound,” won encouraging reviews both locally and internationally, with Adrian Mack of NERVE magazine noting the band’s ability to “reveal uncommon depth and skill, not to mention a clear sense of history.” After selling out the biggest rooms at home, SubCity took their show on the proverbial road, earning throngs of fans from Victoria to Montreal.

SubCity’s latest volume, “Where’s the Noise?,” breaks, blows and burns atop the shoulders of their previous release, signaling a leap-and-bound progression in confidence and inspiration. “We’ve really pushed back what we’re comfortable with in this record,” says Darryl, saxophonist/vocalist. “We’re getting more experimental, and have merged the bulk of our influences into one cohesive sound.”

Featuring a blasting horn section; a brazen rhythm section that seamlessly rolls from calypso to four-on-floor; cascades of guitar and gutsy vocals, “Where’s the Noise?” packs the crunch of a tank and force of a riptide. This is not a record to listen to in reverential silence, but a party-in-your-back-pocket, sweaty deluge of sound best set to the stripe of night on the town that doesn’t end until the streetlights burn out.


Too Loud For This City

Written By: Lodewyks

Shots ring out in this prairie weather like broken glass on these steps.
And I won’t try to object to this little masquerade.
Given the proceeds of this cold alley murder, it doesn’t surprise this habitation that I’m too loud for this city.
Too loud, I’m going to leave this town alone.
And they’ll believe me when I’m gone.

And Wooly caught a scofflaw wrapped around his neck.
He doesn’t dream of ambitions where he is.
Trapped in lithic and wheat seed, he doesn’t pay the need.
No, not at all.
He just says he’s too loud for this city.
Too loud, he’s going to leave this town alone.
And they’ll believe him when he’s gone.

Drag Me Down

Written By: Foster

You say something in the water makes you move your feet.
Yah, something in the water makes you move your feet,
curl your toes, and clench teeth.
You say something in the water makes your heart skip a beat.

Well let me show you something, I've been playing upstream.
Yah, let me show you something, I've been playing upstream.
A little blood in the water, just a drop or two...
now there's a little bit of me inside of you.

Now I don't want to hear that you found happiness.
If that's the way you feel, forget about me cause this
will never work out, it'll never work out...
you know you turn me on when you drag me down.

You say something in the water makes you move your feet.
Yah, something in the water makes you move your feet,
curl your toes, and clench teeth.
You say something in the water makes your heart skip a beat.


Written By: Baker

You got a temper, your head gets too hot
You better cool it down
You got a temper, you’re runnin too hot,
You better cool it down

In the front of the club, you’re standing tough & steady
When the mud gets stirred up we can see you’re rough & ready
When the blood starts to run gotta say enough already
The violence stops tonight

I read it in the paper,
another life cut short,
It’s on the evening news,
the coroner’s report
I know the youth they like to tussle,
I know the youth like to brawl,
But when a life end in the struggle,
Ain’t that the worst sin of all,

What is the poison in some men’s hearts
That makes them look for violence (battle?) in the way that others look for art
Like the great Alexander and the one Bonaparte,
They try to make the world one, they only tear it apart
But from the dawn of time,
Through the ancient tribes,
Men have always tried to conquer the world…
It can’t be done
One hand will never rule the whole world

We don’t want no guns,
We don’t want no knives,
We don’t want no needless heartache
We don’t want no blood,
We don’t want no fights,
Everybody’s just here to party

Soft Hands

Written By: McLean/Goodman

Baby don’t leave me now
I Love you
I just need that touch,
Of your soft hands

I don’t
Know what I done
To make you leave
Without a single word

I thought I treated you nice
Did everything I could
But today, I find
Everything wasn’t enough

Baby Don’t leave me now
I love you
I just miss that touch
Of your soft hands

The pain and the heartache
Is too much for me
You were my rock, my soul
Now I’m lost

Not too long ago
We were looking to the stars
You said we’d always be together
Come home girl,

Baby Don’t leave me now
I Love You
I just miss that touch
Of your soft hands

You’re driving me crazy

The End of the Bottle

Written By: Reilly

escaping our reality, tonight we'll see,
through the end of a bottle.
doesn't matter what's been said, until you're dead,
leave behind all your trouble

escaping all reality, tonight you'll see,
the end of the bottle.
to hide the agony and pain, yet it still remain.
at the end of the bottle

day after day, all around the world,
the people scream in pain and yet they're never heard!
hunted down, for what they do believe,
how do we let this happen in a world we say is free?

night after night, the bodies pile high, the color of your skin, doom you to die
abducted in the night, won't be seen again!
then they try to tell you, your religion is a sin!

and there's violence in the streets, and the tensions rising high
causing everyone to wonder who will be the next to die!
can't you see what's coming on the road just up ahead?
a hard rain's gonna fall, if we don't turn we'll soon be dead!

but it's so easy to ignore what's happening on your tv screen!
you just grab your bong and a beer and you can watch your dvd!
you say how can a fight in the 3rd world possibly reach you and me?
while i hate to tell you brother, but it just became world war three!


Where's the Noise - Fall 2009
Gastown 7" - May 2009
When the Beat Starts to Pound - 2007
Out On the Streets EP - 2005
Let's Get This Started EP - 2003 (Out of print).

Set List

SubCity Dwellers play an impressively varied set, which is consistently energetic both aurally and visually. They have no trouble keeping the audience on its feet, dancing, partying and singing along the whole night through.

Up to three hour-long sets, which are a combination of original material and well placed covers.