Bristol based Rock band combine killer hooks with bone crunching riffage! More info and video at


Subclass were formed just over a year ago when bassist Jody Atkinson joined long time friends and collaborators Marc 'Drums' Dennis and Marc 'Guitar' Inman.2009 saw them play gigs in and around Bristol and record their debut EP ‘Expect More Casualties’. In 2010 Subclass aim to play nationally, obtain professional management, and record a further EP.
The band have a strong following from the Knowle West area, where both of the Marcs grew up. They are the biggest musical event to come out of the neighbourhood since Tricky joined Massive Attack and everyone is keen to get behind them. They have built a reputation on the Bristol circuit as a band who can be guaranteed to bring a good crowd and rock the house.
Sonically Subclass aim to mix killer hooks (Oasis, the Verve) with bone crunching riffage (Nirvana, the Wildhearts). The songs on their debut EP demonstrate the breadth of their style. ‘Fallout’ is a fan favourite with a chorus that invites singing along. Killer demonstrates that they can rock as hard as anyone and shows their love of the Ramones, the Stooges, and Motorhead. The band do not shy away from social commentary and believe music can mean something and kick ass at the same time as is shown by ‘Modern Times’.


Expect More Casualties EP (2010)

Set List

Subclass generally play between 20 and 45 minutes set.
Original Songs include the released Killer, Fallout and Modern Times, plus aproximately 10 more.
Covers include the Beatles 'Come Together', Elvis Costello's 'Pump it Up' (in a pumped up style).