Subculture Stereo

Subculture Stereo


High energy, catchy garage rock n' roll infused with early punk rock, surf, and early metal. Described as "everything in music I've ever wanted to hear put together in one band". Good to dance too, good to wild too, VERY broad fan demographic. Highly motivated and hard working.


Subculture Stereo is known to produce creative, energetic, and multi-genre spanning music that puts them in a class of their own. We've been asked many times to classify our music, and we simply respond Rock N' Roll, because it's an extremely broad category. It's a hard question to answer, but we've been described at The Misfits meets Sonic Youth, Johny Thunders meets Psychedelia, and Everything you've ever wanted from every genre of rock (except the crappy ones). Each member has an intense creative drive, and a musical background of primarily early Punk and Garage Rock. Growing up in Western Mass, we have seen an amazingly diverse music scene turn into something almost non-existent, we're doing our part in bringing a small piece of that back. We are known for our unique vintage meets modern sound. One guitar is played through two original 1960's tube amplifiers with reverb and tremelo, while the other uses a modern Marshall half stack. We are an extremely active band, playing an average of 5-6 shows per month, writing new material every week, and still having fun doing it. While we maintain a professional attitude towards venues, labels and promoters we manage to bring out our wild side on stage. Subculture is known to be the first to show up and the last to leave. Achievements include: opening for Local H, Fear Nutin' Band, and the Murder Junkies and releasing a 7 song studio EP after only being together for 5 months. Music and Rock N' Roll is what we have to take us away from the boring, uncultured, mundane life we know so well.


Hookers and Tea E.P. (7 song E.P.)

Set List

Dawn of the Hipsters, Fix You, Vessel, Barsoap, Gambling Man, Song With No Name, She's Like a Drug, Car Car Car, A-Game, Bucky Tuckleton, Spilled Milk. Our sets are typically 30-40 minutes long, but can go up to an hour if requested.