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"Green Matters"

Subject Matters plus Green Hit

Band: SubjectMatters, Green Hit

Date: Sat., Aug. 1 with doors at 10 p.m.

Venue: The Old Courtyard Restaurant, 751 Dauphin St.

Tickets: $20 at the door

The Courtyard will be christened with an evening of glossy jams and mentally stimulating rhymes brought to the Port City by “Green Matters.” This is being billed as an “all inclusive, all night sensory experience,” and it has the potential to be one of the biggest parties of the year. Jam and hip-hop will unite as SubjecTmAtTerS will alternate sets (and possibly collaborate) with one of the area’s newest sounds: Green Hit.

This Florida-based group’s music romps across the aural spectrum by mixing jazzy sounds with ambient music technology. When the weather cools down in November, Green Hit is scheduled to take the stage at the Bear Creek Music & Arts Festival in Live Oak, Fla.

In addition to the quality music, ticket holders can also expect free beer while it lasts as well as a free vegetarian dinner buffet. After the music ends, the party will continue into the wee hours with a free after-party breakfast buffet.
- Lagniappe

"Deep South Music Festival"

Deep South Music Festival

Date: Sept. 27, 2008 doors at 11 a.m. Venue: Oysterella's (1175 Battleship Pkwy) Tickets: $15 in adv. and $20 the day-of. Available at Oysterella's, Serda's Coffee in LoDa and Dr. Music on the Esho

Get ready to get your jam on all day at Oysterella's Saturday at the Deep South Music festival. Ryan Balthrop (Loose Cannons /Lowdown Throwdown) and his promotion company SoonCome! Entertainment are spearheading the event, which boasts a true homegrown stage that represents the best music from Mobile and the Southeastern region.

This is an idea grown organically among friends to put on something that showcases good music, Balthrop explains. This event will also give back to the community, as a portion of the funds will go to the Bo Roberts Music Fund to start an after-school arts program. This festival offers music ranging from jam to hip-hop. Some of the bands scheduled to appear are The Burnin Smyrnans, Juice (feat. Chris Spies), The Dig, The Lowdown Throwdown, Swamp Wompus, Hank Becker and Friends, The Common Thread, Microphone Messengers, SubjecTmAtTerS, Mob-Towne Revival, Jerusalem High, Bust, Wes Loper, Tyler Champion, Phunk Blue Moon, Grey Matters and DJ Fragment. - Lagniappe

"Swamp Meat 3"

Swamp Meat 3 Promises to Satisfy Every Last One of Your Jam Band Desires

By Steve Centanni
Issue #175
April 07, 2009

Widespread Panic’s yearly visit to The Amphitheatre at The Wharf in Orange Beach has quickly become a tradition for jam fans across the Southeast. For the last couple of years, Swamp Meat has been providing jam fans plenty of good excuses to get the party started (or keep it rolling) before and after J.B. and the boys hit the Wharf stage.

Swamp Meat organizer and area native Mike Modarelli was first inspired to create this festival while doing artwork for bands such as Slow Moses, Haere Marue and the Aquarium Rescue Unit.

He also played witness to the production side of things at various festivals across the U.S.

“When I lived out West, we started doing all these productions in Montana, Oregon and California,”

Modarelli explained. “Well, all my folks back home, they wanted us to bring it back here. So we decided to create this Southeast wave, so to speak, and Larry (Keel) wanted to come to town, and Chris Spies had a gumbo shop over in Fairhope (Mama Roux’s).”

In 2001, Modarelli and his crew took over downtown Fairhope with music from bands such as NoLa’s Morning 40 Federation and a performance from the End of the World Circus sideshow.

This served as good practice for what was to come in 2007 when Widespread booked The Wharf. “I was working with P.G.A. (Progressive Global Agency) which books Panic and Hunter Williams (Saxophonist for Jo Jo’s Mardi Gras Band) over there. He called me up and said, ‘Hey, we’re coming to your town.’ So, we decided to reignite Swamp Meat. The first was in 2001 (in Fairhope). So, six years later, Swamp Meat 2 came about. It became a side-winding Widespread feature for Orange Beach..”

Swamp Meat 2 exceeded expectations with performances from DJ Logic, Larry Keel, Natural Bridge and many more. This year, Modarelli’s third installment is promising to be bigger and better than ever with bands performing at venues such as The Hangout, The Keg and Rafter’s at The Wharf. There will even be shuttles carrying ticketholders between the venues to avoid the fury of the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach police.

Swamp Meat 3

Date: April 17-19 with music starting daily at 5 p.m. (for schedule, please visit

Venue: Various venues across Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tickets: $52 for weekend passes available at (daily tickets also available for purchase)

The Hangout, 101 E. Beach Blvd.


4 p.m. - Larry Keel & Natural Bridge with Guthrie Trapp and Friends - Larry Keel & Natural Bridge brings the finest of West Virginia flat-pickin’ bluegrass. Guitar/mandolin virtuoso Guthrie Trapp will be a welcomed addition to this set.

6 p.m.. - Fat Man Squeeze - Fat Man Squeeze is the epitome of bad-ass bluegrass with songs covering everything from Wal-Mart to Star Wars.

8 p.m. Open Pick

10:30 p.m. - The Captains of Industry with Jeff Sipe and Papa Mali-Drummer - Jeff Sipe’s resume boasts musical acts such as Keller Williams, Leftover Salmon and Aquarium Rescue Unit. Papa Mali will be joining Sipe with his swampy Louisiana sound.

Midnight - Zambie Swamp Experiment with Col Bruce, Papa Mali, Jeff Sipe - Col. Bruce Hampton is a jam scene forefather and a master of improvisational music. With Papa Mali and Jeff Sipe by his side, this set should be truly one of a kind.

12:45 a.m. - Outformation - Based out of Atlanta, this band should be a Spreadhead pleaser with their fresh, mesmerizing sound.

1:45 a.m. - Outformulated Experimentation - An eclectic jam experience featuring Outformation and Zambie Swamp Experiment.


4 p.m. - Blueground Undergrass with David Blackmon and Col. Bruce-Rev - Jeff Mosier of Blueground Undergrass is a pioneer in the genre fondly referred to as “Urban Bluegrass” or “Newgrass.” David Blackmon’s fiddle skills should take their sound to the next level.

6 p.m. - T-Roy - Straight out of NOLA, T-Roy’s electronic specialties include reggae and world music.

10:30 p.m. - The LowDown ThrowDown - No strangers to the jam scene and festival circuit, Mobile’s own LowDown ThrowDown will keep the party going immediately following the Friday Panic show.

Midnight - Sojourn - Sojourn will be bringing a taste of House and Trip Hop to Swamp Meat 3. Expect hypnotic beats and catchy cuts.

12:45 a.m. - Pretty Lights - Pretty Lights sound could be considered live looping at its finest with Colorado-based producer Derek Vincent Smith joined by drummer Cory Eberhard.


4 p.m. - North Mississippi All-Stars and The Hill Country Revue - Judging from their recent performance at Soul Kitchen, the Dickinson Brothers have not lost it when it comes to getting the crowd pumped with their Hill Country sound. Fans will get a double dose with the All-Stars and Cody Dickinson’s side-project.

6 p.m. - The Burnin’ Smyrnans - The Burnin’ Smyrnans are truly road warriors when - Lagniappe


Issue #98
May 09, 2006

When one thinks of the Mobile music scene, they seldom include the legion of DJs populating the city limits, along with a thriving hip-hop scene, but don’t call them DJs. They prefer the term "turntablist." These disciples of the turntables have established an underground caste that pulls legions of bass slaves to each show. In addition to the performances, turntablists meet in various "battles" where crowd reaction and skill lead to bragging rights on the streets. Places such as The Bubble Lounge, Cell Block, Liquid and Satori have been playing host to these competitions. Soul Kitchen will be pumping out the beats May 26 with a DJ/hip-hop show featuring DJ Klever, Subject Matters, Annalyze, Prolific, DJ Immortal, Beat Molester and Microphone Messengers. The brains behind this are PM Productions and Jeff Butler’s Invizible Touch Productions. Butler is no stranger to the Mobile DJ scene. For over a decade, Butler has been a driving force behind this subculture. "I got started back in 1995 when I opened a record store downtown called Plastic Avenue Records," Butler explains. "We sold records, turntables and clothing. Then on the weekends, we would have guys come in like Nick at Night and Jimmy ILLfinger, who are still around today. They would come in and play on Sundays and Saturdays in the store for the shoppers." In addition to these in-store performances, Butler busied himself throwing various events across the city. However, Mobile wasn’t ready for Plastic Avenue, and it closed after two years. This experience helped established Butler’s street credibility, and allowed him to move on to bigger and better things such as BayFest’s electronica stage. "This will be our fifth year doing the electronica stage which is all DJs and electronic artists, and we’ve brought some of the biggest in the country to BayFest and to Mobile," Butler says. "I feel really privileged that they let us do it. I went to Bobby Bostwick and the City five years ago and proposed this idea of putting together a stage of just DJs. I showed them that this was the real deal, and it has been very successful every year." At the Soul Kitchen show, Butler plans on bringing out the big guns both nationally and locally. Klever has an established reputation for winning various competitions across the United States. Immortal has made wax-scratching his career as an instructor at Miami’s Scratch Academy. Annalyze is representing the girls and has toured with Playboy’s DJ Shorty. Butler has a very optimistic view of the Mobile hip-hop/DJ scene. "It’s growing," Butler says. "It’s always been around, but it’s more underground. I think that the whole DJ scene is evolving. I think DJ’s are tired of just standing up there playing one record after another, and they’re starting to get more experimental. The whole scene is taking a turn towards getting more creative. You have to stand out more these days to get booked, so you see more of the scratching, the cutting, the beat juggling and even putting an MC on with you." An excellent example of this evolution can be observed in Mobile’s Beat Molester, who has already gained notoriety. His career as a turntablist began when he became bored of traditional instruments. "I played drums, guitar and bass, and pretty much I would get as far as I could on an instrument and move on to the next one," Beat Molester said. "Then, I figured out that I could get all those sounds on a record and manipulate them from there." Many critics would say that spinning records is no form of music talent. I’ve heard many people over the years complain that turntablists are robbing the artists who provide the music on the records they scratch. Beat Molester’s retort to these allegations is quite candid. "They’re pretty much full of sh*t, and they don’t know anything about the turntables," Beat Molester barks. "I play on a PDX, and it has an ultra-pitch control. It has little markings on it and according to where you move it (if you’re working with a certain tone) you can hit any key. You can totally use it as an instrument." The battle aspect is what turns Beat Molester, and he has represented Mobile on the national level. Just last year, he won a battle sponsored by the Guitar Center, which sent him to represent Mobile in Atlanta. In Atlanta, he came in second place among some of the Southeast’s finest turntablists. Mobile’s DJ scene walks hand-in-hand with our local hip-hop scene, and the Microphone Messengers are some of Mobile’s up-and-coming verbal assassins. JustnMC, AyDee, C.E.P and Pistol Pete (their producer and instrumental inspiration) have been into hip-hop since a young age. "Me and AyDee are cousins and have been list - Lagniappe


2008 EP: Check The STATS

Never Let Go
What It Takes
The Remedy
What Is This
Where Ya @
Ride On Wings(Radio)

2009 LIVE @ Mossy Headz

2009 LP: Soul or System

Lift Up (streaming)
Cool Out
Break Free
Life (streaming)
Your Own Feet
The Concept
Dreams + Reality(streaming)

All items can be found on our website



Three individuals originally from Mobile, AL living our dreams in the Hip Hop scene. Two poets and a beat maker put their talents together to produce an illuminous sound. Their high energy shows just keep the people coming, and wanting more. Being from the dirty south brings plenty of obstacles for this young, out-of-the-box band, but their positivity shines through with smooth bumpin beats and conscious lyrics. With the release of their 2008 EP, Check the STATS, the focus became more clear- It was time to become more professional. We set our sites on new adventures. We began playing venues outside of Mobile, playing our first festivals & embarking on our first studio CD. In 2009 our new Cd was released, Soul or System. Met with great response, this album has launched our movement forward. We are in route to your town, so forget about your trends and cell phones, at least for the moment. If you ever get a chance to see SubjecTmAtTerS come join us and kick it.

Early influences for the band include KRS One, Wu Tang, Grateful Dead, Project Blowed, J-5, Pink Floyd, and Quantum. Now SubjecTmAtTerS has taken these elements and stepped back to form their own style and sound.