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"With familiar faces, but new to the scene and ready to deliver the funk"

by Amber Fuger

It was Nov. 11 and the first snowfall of the season had just dusted Squaw Valley with a subtle crispness. The freshness of the fluff, the cool air and the invigorating sun invoked a carefree vibe, which moved on into the night. Up on Lanny Lane all was calm until the sun dipped behind the mountain and the moon lit the sky. A quaint house overlooking Red Dog and the East Face began to transform into a dance hall venue and Subjektochange was ready to perform in public for the first time.

The band jumped at the opportunity to debut for their neighbor’s going away party. All in attendance were so psyched from the first snowfall they needed to let loose, get down and groove.

Subjektochange coaxed the mood and adequately provided the funky tunes everyone needed to jam to…all night long. Eric Matlock, Nick DeNoia, and Ray Erst of The Jeff Jones Band, and Erv Wolf, of the guitar duo, Shag, hooked up out of a common yearning to take funk and the modern elements of the genre to the next level. "Subjektochange’s music is a combination of hard funk and blissed-out jams and nearly all our material is original," Nick said. “Come to one of our shows and you will be thinking, ‘change is good.’”

Nick plays bass guitar and sings for Subjektochange. Erv tears it up with versatile experience on electric guitar but also lends his smooth, bluesy voice on vocals. Eric who also sings on vocals is the ferocious keyboardist who rarely sits down during a gig and Ray grounds the melody on drums and percussions.

According to Nick, The Jeff Jones Band is still very much in tact; the four guys of Subjektochange wanted to start a new project to explore some other musical avenues. “The Jeff Jones Band is really into the blues sound, while Subjektochange is more funk based and modern,” Nick said.

Subjektochange came to be on a brisk August night at Bar of America in Truckee. Nick, Eric and Ray were performing. Erv liked what he was hearing and decided to join the jam session and they started improvising sounds and style. All four guys were into the sound they were created so they started rehearsing as Subjektochange.

When asked what five words he would use to describe Subjektochange, Nick replied with a phrase instead, “A guaranteed fun party night.” As witness to several shows at the Auld Dubliner and the house party on Lanny Lane, this writer concurs.
“Kate Rayburn’s going away party was our kick-off performance, two weeks later we gigged at the Auld Dubliner. This last time we played the Dubliner it really went off. We have been invited back multiple times,” Nick said.

Nick first knew music was his life long passion when he saw Sting play “Purple Haze,” on Saturday Night Live when he was 12. As for whom Nick is digging on now, he said the Benevento-Russo Duo and Tea Leaf Green, but his original influences include Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, and a multitude of jazz musicians. “Nick always brings tremendous energy to his performances, and he has the blisters to prove it,” Eric said.

Nick hopes to see Subjektochange dialed in and traveling around the world earning a living from playing music in six years. For now Subjektochange is focused on their upcoming gigs. On Friday Feb. 9 Subjektochange will be playing Bar of America and on March 3 they will be back at the Auld Dubliner and again on March 24. They will hit Truckee up in between the Squaw gigs for a St. Patrick’s Day performance at the Pastime Club. In the works are possible shows at Kirkwood and Mammoth and if all goes well a European adventure to Chamonix, France.

ric is the man behind the keyboards and also lends his musical talent to the vocals. A completely self-taught musician, he has developed an ear for unique and powerful phrases, hooks, and melodies. “I am constantly trying to introduce elements from current genres while staying true to the band’s roots,” Eric said. He is the type of guy who dances jumps and pounds the hell out of those keyboards. In fact in the last 200 shows, either with Subjektochange or The Jeff Jones Band, Eric has not sat down.

Erv, the band’s man on the electric guitar who also lends his pipes on vocals has been playing more than 20 years. Erv attended University of Colorado where he studied jazz and classical music. He is an accomplished improvisational musician, proficient in both rhythm and lead guitar, and on both lead and back up vocals. Erv is no stranger to the local music scene. He has been playing for more than ten years with bands such as Shag, Swerve, and now Subjektochange. Erv’s vocals are best described as “smooth yet rough, bluesy and scratchy at times.” His guitar playing is influenced by greats such as Charlie Hunter, John Scofield, and Walter Becker. According to Subjektochange’s bio, Erv’s guitar chord interjections work well with the band as a layering unit. His lead playing ranges from smooth and jazzy up to screaming energy to tear the roof off.

Nick who plays bass guitar and also accompanies Eric and Erv on vocals has studied music his entire life. He attended Berklee College of Music and has a Bachelor’s in Music from University of Vermont. “Inspired by the live music scene I have focused on combining technical versatility with the passion and energy of jam music,” Nick said.
Rounding up the dynamic foursome is Ray on drums and percussions. A drummer for more than 30 years, some of Ray’s most memorable performances have been with blues guitarist Mike Schermer and “The Rockets” reunion with ex-Crazy Horse member George Whitsell and Bobby Notkoff. According to Subjektochange’s bio, Ray’s absolute timing and confident ability to play multiple styles with ease has made him the foundation on which the band rests. - Moonshine Ink

"Subjektochange Brings the funk and free CD's to upcoming show"

Published: November 25, 2009 * Web Exclusive *

by Jackie Varriano
Local funk boys subjektochange have a lot to be thankful for this year, as the quartet will be releasing their first studio effort, “Stuff," this holiday season. Nick DeNoia, Erv Wolf, Eric Matlock and Fletch aren’t making fans wait to bring the sounds of STC home; in fact, the first 100 lucky fans attending their upcoming Crystal Bay Club Casino show on Saturday, Nov. 28, will receive a promo copy.

“[The promo is] three tracks that we recorded last year that were released in a limited demo, mainly to industry people, so it wasn’t sold or given out,” DeNoia said. “We’ve also got three or four live tracks from our New Year’s Eve show last year, so we’ve got a mix of live and older studio material.”

The boys are back playing the Red Room in their first show there since this summer. According to DeNoia (bass guitar, vocals), the fall has been spent mixing and recording the album.

“We did the recording in Truckee at our rehearsal studio, using all our own equipment,” he said.

Matlock (keys, vocals), is also the band’s producer and sound engineer. The show is free and is scheduled to start at 10 p.m., directly after a showing of the new Warren Miller film, “Dynasty."

For those not familiar with the sounds of STC, ready your dancing pants and perfect your hippie shuffle. While the group is known for long jams and a strong funk vibration, song lyrics are usually more meaningful than your average jam experience while still showing an element of fun. If the band breaks into “Question Mark” or “Ropeswing” be prepared for a foot shuffling extravaganza on par with an hour long jazzercise class.

Stay tuned to for information about a Stuff CD release party to come.

Subjektochange plays the Red Room, 10pm, Saturday Nov. 28, free, Crystal Bay Club Casino, 14 State Route 28, Crystal Bay, NV, 775-833-6333, - Moonshine Ink


Preview and buy our CD "stuff." here

Our new CD "stuff" is receiving play on KTKE in Truckee and KVMR in Grass Valley.



STC has quickly become one of the most beloved acts in the Tahoe region. They regularly
pack bars and venues in the area.
Their debut cd, “stuff.” has its roots in raucus electro-tinged funk, jam rock anthems
and epic spaciness. The Jam Band vibe is then tempered with taut songwriting that
isn’t afraid to be get to the point, resulting in songs that are both solo-strong and
radio ready. Though the CD was entirely self-produced, the sound is decidedly "big budget".
One of STC's focus points recently has been to collaborate with as many musicians and other bands as possible. Eric especially has sat in with many local and touring bands. This collaborative spirit seems to be working as far meeting new musicians and putting STC on new stages across Northern California and Nevada. Spread the love, right?