Su Blah Nu

Su Blah Nu


Su Blah Nu believes it to be self evident that the truths are no longer the truths and that the status quo must be shattered through audio exhibitionism. Stay Tuned for expounding examples of sonic release for the masses.


Started as a solo project by songwriter/producer Hansel Jesse Tato. Whose work as a promoter and DJ connected him with many great artist, producers, and like-minded DJs.
Hansel co-founded Stereophonic productions, Birth to Sound Collective and Fire Lotus Society in which he help form and produce their sound and perform some great and remarkable shows. While in FLS Hansel met Jeff Cosgrave, bass player extraordinaire, and the two started collaborating on a sound they found fit for the masses. The two set out on quest to find musicians that would understand the movement and statement that was lacking in music today. While running into an old friend Drummer Thomas Cady,
Hansel played him a few songs. Instantaneously, Tommy said. “Lets Form a Band”.
Which helped us to set a movement which is not only about vision, and sound but a statement to, what we know as best!



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