Kumar Sublevao-Beat

Kumar Sublevao-Beat

 Havana, Ciudad de La Habana, CUB
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Urban Afro-Cuban mc/producer Kumar Sublevao-Beat is one of the pioneers in current Cuban hip hop. His powerful live show and eclectic musicality glides between Latin jazz, reggae, Afro-beat, funk and soul with the ease and charisma of a young musical sage.


Kumar Sublevao-beat

Urban Afro-Cuban mc and music producer Kumar Sublevao Beat started his career during the 90's boom of hip hop in Havana. Influenced by Afro-Latin jazz, reggae, Afro-beat, funk and soul, Kumar's sound is a sophisticated combination of traditional drumming samples, synths and live instruments. Sublevao Beat's first release "De Pelicula Barrio "(LP, Universal Music), toured extensively to important shows around the world and received a great welcome from both audiences and the press. He is back now with "Patakin," a new album where his search has turned to the roots of African spirituality. Some of the artists who have collaborated with Kumar are: Ojos de Brujo, Last Poets, Omar Sosa Perico Sambeat, Jimi Tenor, Terracota, Indee Styla, m.anifest and Ariel Bringues.


Album: Pelicula de Barrio (2008)
Label: Universal Music. Spain

Album: Patakin (2012)
Label: Bismusic. Cuba

Coming soon

Afrikun. Feat Macehete Horns

Album: Sub-Levation (Only Vinyl)

Set List

Kumar Sublevao-Beat

Julio "Mandinga Sax" Carbonell:
Saxo Tenor y Baritono/ Percussion

Indee Styla:

Don G:
Dj Set/Keys