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Sublunar Minds

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"Sublunal Minds"

There are times you wish you were the one sitting on that dreaded time machine and then decided to head somewhere. I’ve actually fantasized that a couple of times. Do I really fit here or not? USA’s 60s? London’s 70s? 50’s Cuba or China? Or Prague’s 1915? But then I lost that fantasy instantly as I realize I heard a multitude of hundreds of great songs back in the '90s. Don’t shoot! I have nothing against other decades. Buddy Holly and Syd Vicious are probably shaking their graves out to come and kick me in the buttocks and then get back. But people at my age usually know what I’m talking about.

Now what do I mean by all this nonsense: It’s the music of this Manhattan based rock ensemble spearheaded by Ben Cockerham called SubLunar Minds (with the capital L, yes) that play '90s influenced pop rock, a very pleasant reminiscent of Dave Matthews Band’s early days as well as Matchbox Twenty and Third Eye Blind and etc. Whatever it is, it doesn’t sound like this millennium, but it definitely sounds proper and suitable when they add up their funk with harmonica and horn and whatever else. If you’re sitting in a local club having this band performing, you’ll undoubtedly be surprised by the defined sound and mood that SubLunar Minds create.

"Sublunar Minds"

Leading NYC music critics have have stated that Sublunar Minds is strangely similar to Wilco and Steely Dan joining forces, taking a cue from a lost Soul Coughing record where Doughty and Co have been stealing from Radiohead lock, stock, and barrel, then programming drum machines after consuming prescription medication, and listening the Beatles records way too much. -


First CD out now titled "At Georges Place"



Why Sublunar Minds? ......Sublunar Minds has been forming itself over the past couple of years in NYC. It started with a very talented singer/songwriter named Ben Cockerham with a dream and a computer and a lot of great songs....... Next entered a harmonica player so unique as to make that intrument a major voice in the band without losing the defining sound of the compositions. Doubling up on trumpet, Frankie Vigilante definitely stands out in a crowd........ Long time friend and musical collaborator, Chris Farrell brings just the right touch of guitar and back up vocals to the music........ Add on top of that Pinky (The Bass Warrior) Mendez on rib-stickin' Bass. This man has been all around the world creating monster gooves with award winning musicians...... and the ever talented Sabastiano Agostini on drums and dynamic percussion,he has been playing for more than 15 years in Italy and has worked with various artists here as well...... and you got the recipe for one great evening of rocking music. This band loves to have a good time and it shows in the music!