Submarine Fleet

Submarine Fleet


Esoteric. Soaring. Driving. Food for imagination. Confirmation that things askew from one point of view are perfectly valid when observed from a different angle. We love it here, and we love you here.


Submarine Fleet: An energized ambient cocophony of
lush, dark tones, deep melodious voices and cobra
charming rhythms.

Since 2004, the sublime shoegazery songs of Submarine
Fleet have been stealthily gathering adherents across
America and beyond. On the strength of 2005's self
released EP "In A Case Of Fire", the band was chosen
to perform at NYC's Drop Dead Festival, as well as
Portland's Convergence13 gothic music festival.
Submarine Fleet's atmospheric soundscapes have found
their way into independent film as well, most notably
with four songs featured in Per Anderson's feature
length masterpiece "Stanley Cuba".

Whilst remaining a stealthy gem in Portland's
sprawling music scene, Submarine Fleet opted to spend
the better part of 2006 writing and recording new
songs, which yielded in 2007 the compelling full
length album "A Very Strange Sight in the Distance".
"...Strange Sight..." is released on the band's own
Below Sea Level Recordings label and is available
internationally through Projekt/Darkwave Distribution,
CDBaby and electronically through iTunes.



Written By: M. Linder & A. Sain


And twice


A pocketwatch
I never see.


for me,
to stop

I'm watching the stars fall.

I've smashed at the lines,
and battered the wires,
and scattered the eyes.

Mad at the distance.

I'm leaving the circle, I've lost my alone.

I remember you,
How we smiled.

From exploding winter trees, to lengthwise rain and flowers.

How we smiled.

Waiting for everything I never see.
A pocketwatch, a memory.

For me

Reflections on a Tilting Pond

Written By: M. Linder

Dragging your feet, you'll trip.
Joan's left a daisy at the foot of the bed.
Yaidi aidi ai I'm hiding in the kitchen,
My mouth falls right off of my head.

I've been waiting for you to fall,
My feet in the sea.

Your mouth kisses, kisses..
Your mouth kisses, kisses.

The Sturgeon says,
"I'm old", to the Koi.
"I'm bored, I'm tired.."
he says.

The Koi, "Go to sleep, go to sleep,"
and in his dreams, he's young,
and skeleton is soft.

I can still hear you falling, falling.
Leaves fall red,
Fall is red,
You can leave.


In A Case of Fire, EP 2005
A Very Strange Sight in the Distance, LP 2007
Airplay on KPSU, Portlands 94.7fm, Movie soundtrack for "Stanley Cuba", multiple streaming radio shows.

Set List

We have songs enough to play for 2 hours.