Submarine Screen Door

Submarine Screen Door


Submarine Screendoor has torn up the music scene since 02 with 3 musical masterminds that play intense Punk that thrills the crowd and gets the mosh pit rolling They regurgitate fast PUNK with back to basic chord structures, catchy vocals and some sick drum rips. Their goal is non-stop entertainment


Submarine Screendoor plays hard and fast, their young but they’re definitely not your average pansy boy band. They write and play a lot of original songs. The trio always leaves the stage wet with sweat and the crowd screaming for more. The 3 band members combine on stage to create an unstoppable force that generates circle pits, screaming chants, spastic behavior and other uncontrollable urges we cannot mention. The band is influenced by the music of Rancid and The Ramones. Each member brings a different taste in music to the stage that opens the doors to originality and creates non-stop entertainment.



Written By: justin cunt

what are you gonna do when im not as happy as you expect
what are you gonna do when i don't ask for your respect
what are you gonna do when i spit right back in your face
what are you gonna do when you no longer feel safe

i'm gonna go apeshit on you


Written By: mike screendoor and justin cunt

siting on the corner, on the edge of broadway between 5th and Main
all the cars driving by our way looking like that we're insane
raise your glass, take off your hats cause this is where we stand
no mistask, its the risk we take and they can't take it back

We're the losers we're the users we're the constant drug abusers and we like them just like that
so take a stand and through up your hand cause today we face the man
we got haters we got players we got constant trouble makers and we like them just like that
so put them in place and set them straight cause the day is ours again

the kids they come and the kids they go but you know they all left a stain
its a place you can always go where everybody knows your name
head held high and they're gonna die cuz this is where we stand
and i concur these fighting words, and they can't take it back

Piss Off

Written By: mike screendoor

gotta go, gotta go, gotta go, there's nothing left for me
why sould i stay around in a place that will be the death of me
gotta run, gotta run, gotta run,
to a place far and wide
somewhere that i know that lady luck is by my side
But the only thing that holds me back are the people that remind me that you can't always live on your own
and to the people that are thinking that, to the people who hold me back
I'd just like to say, I'm not alone

i say HEY! whatca gonna finnaly do im not gonna wait for you
i say HEY! lets just get one thing straight mo along or get out of my face

gotta leave, gotta leave, gotta leave, the past behind me
whats done is done and i can't take back what i did wrong
gotta flee, gotta flee, gotta flee,
away from the crime scene
for the life you took was the demon that held you back
With a striking blow you took the foe, sending him to depths below, and now you sit and wonder is it done
with head and spirit held up high, and freedom standing by your side
i'd just like to say, i'm not alone


Submarine ScreenDoor
"Come Out Swinging"

Set List

Example of a basic list:
Fuck you in the anus
I Didn't Vote To Die
Moshpit Song
Skateboard Junkie
Ape Shit
On The Road
knowleage (Op Ivy cover)

Our set is usually 30-45 minutes; we squeeze a lot of music in that time frame. We have the aility to play longer if time fill is needed or a longer set is requested.