Submission is a HIGH energy, focused and positive driving force, Focusing on a vibrant atmosphere of vocal variances, and face pounding riffs.


Submission...a symbol, of something greater than ourselves. A symbol of something that no body wants to be. Broken, overcome, and helpless. Strength in weakness... this concept has been the driving force behind this movement, the driving force behind a life lived in the shadows of society. 10 years ago, this movement began with an unrivaled passion to experience, learn and create something that would introduce not necessarily a new concept, but to revive a dying one. Music was the gateway and "Submission" was the door to this freedom. We stand united, weathered and aged...with a new face as we welcome the unknown, and let go of the past. In a place where defeat is on every door step, we rise above. Though we are pressed on every side, we are not crushed and not broken. We are perplexed, but we wont give up and quit. We are hunted down, but never abandoned. We get knocked down, but we press on! "Each day a new" has re-introduced and re-discovered the plot. The dirving force that fills us with hope. That is why we never give up. Though our body's fade away, our spirit is renewed each day.
* Submission has toured/Played gigs, festivals, contests, etc. throughout Southern Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, all the way to New York, and are fully capable of travel to perform at your event.



Written By: 2002 - Submission

1st v
my love for you it will not fade
but through these passing days
I long for you.
this distance eating at my soul
the rains crash down
but still i know

no one loves me like you do
can I hide from, hide from you....
my heart it bleeds and burn for you
my faith, my hope, my love's in you....

2nd v
cause if I speak in the tongues of the angels,
but have not love....i'm nothing.
And if I give all I posses and surrender to the flame,
without love....i'm nothing.....
love protects, it trusts, it hopes, it perseveres x2
love never fails...

2nd ch.
no one loves me like you do
can I hide from, hide from you....
my heart it bleeds and burn for you
my faith, my hope, my love's in you..............
no one loves me x3
like you do


06/18/05 - 2005
Submission has completed the much anticipated L.P. project with producer Larry Anschell. The product will be available for industry use and a limited number of sales. Right now the poject is pending completion of graphic and duplication- Stay tuned for more details.

Submission in featured in Vancouver's :the province

Submission joins the independant artists company, and is thrown into heavy rotation on internet radio everywhere. The track selected was there first E.P. single "shaded"- find out more on
(15 track) Independent album "Frontline" - Released in 2002

Copyright 2002 - All music composed and written by Submission
Produced by: Scott Bartlet - Tonesmith Studios/ & Submission
Engineered by: Scott Bartlet,Kendra Parker & Steve Birss
Mastering: David Horrocks/Infinite Wave - Calgary AB Canada
Manufacturing: Ball Media/
Album art/Design & Layout: Submission, Scott Bartlet & Richelle Pankonin

- Single "Transperancy" recieved rotation on Lethbridge AB Canada'a, Rock 106 as well as various stations throughout surrounding provinces.
Submission joins Indie Pool / Jan 2005

Frontline will be distributed to many major retailers accross Canada. The album will also be available for download ONLINE AT: Pure Tracks, ITunes, Napster, Rhapsody, Connect, Download Punk, MSN, ECast, MusicNow, Musicstream, Music Match, Music Net, Wippit, Liquid Digital Media, Audio Lunchbox,

- Available to purchase directly from IndiePool at:

* Individual track reviews, streaming and info available under the "press" icon.

Set List

2.5 hrs worth of material Available
Originals only.
-Submission shows diverse strength with there intense new acoustic live show.
-Plugged in- Submission is now features newly updated live groundpounding stage presence. If you like what you've seen....brace yourself.