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"Review Stacks: Mineshaft Vol. 3 Review"

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You don’t know Submit. You don’t understand him. You have never paid attention to him. His biography is a mystery to you. Unless you’re from Marietta, the chances are that you aren’t familiar with his catalog. However, judging from Mineshaft Vol. 3, it would seem that he is graciously offering you another chance. The third installment of the Mineshaft series by Georgia-born MC, Submit, is an introduction to the artist and a play-by-by of his progression. If you enjoy hip-hop, you will not be disappointed.

After the first listen, I realized that this mixtape does not need its listeners to be prepped before they hear it. Jumping into the Mineshaft is like turning on a movie with the audio commentary track. To a certain extent, it’s like having the artist in the room with you. The guided tour begins and ends with Submit, describing what you are hearing and he holds the listeners hand throughout the project to ensure that no one gets left behind.

In the beginning, you can hear an admittedly unpolished rapper attempting to string together the words at his disposal to deliver the message within him. The metaphors (though on par with anything else that you might hear today) are basic and flat. The beats are knocking at the door of greatness, but display the youth of their creator. There is a progressive feeling throughout the project, though: a subtle deepening of the voice or an additional layer of sound in the production as you move along. The most exciting thing to watch is the increasingly complex nature of the metaphors on each track. When you like at a tape like the Mineshaft Vol. 3 that was recorded between 2006 and 2009 from a young artist such as this one, the progressions are going to be obvious enough to notice almost accidentally. But by the end of the final track, which is a teaser for the “Ruby in the rough” album, listeners are chomping at the bit to hear more of one of the most intelligent, artistic, and masterful young artists in the game.

What to watch for: Artistic progression in the production in the first half of the album as well and lyrical production throughout. Listen closely to the stories and commentary as they offer insight into some of the lines that may seem otherwise nonsensical. In addition, they add an extra level of depth to the already introspective tone of some of the songs.

The Rough: Explanations and commentary aside, the production at the beginning is like watery kool-aid. In addition, there is a distinct lack of biography on this project when viewed in consideration of how personal the tape feels. At the end of such a close interaction, the idea that we have not learned very much about the artist himself is a disappointment.

The Rubies: Wordplay is present throughout, but there is a certain level of mastery which he only reaches during the last 4 tracks that should be all of the album promotion that this artist will need. The smooth delivery of the punchlines and lack of emphasis give the impression that Submit intends to reach an audience that will glean information from his verse without the use of gimmicks.

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“Truthfully, I’m not that cool...” says SUBMiT, born Kelechi Emeonye. He continues, “…but give me 3 minutes and 30 seconds and I could make you think the exact opposite. Not because I’m lying, but because I’m so comfortable with who I am” The 17 year old rapper/producer sees hip/hop as not only a creative outlet but also his mentor in the ways of the world. Like many emcees, SUBMiT went from a poet to a rapper. After writing poems that were stowed under his bed he was presented with the opportunity to rap. Following a falling out with his previous goup, The Movement, SUBMiT is determined to make good quality music, on his own and with former Movement member and brother FHC. In response to the popularity of “cocky, swag-drenched” hip-Hop SUBMiT has this to say, “It’s something I’ve been doing for a while. I have a mentality that God does nothing halfway. Who am I to downplay what He’s made?” His faith has a lot to do with his music. “I’ spell it all caps except for the ‘I’. It’s to show that most of what goes on around me is bigger than the me; the ‘I’” Witty wordplay coupled with relatable subject matter rolled up in unrivaled drive makes SUBMiT the artist that he is.