Sub Morphine

Sub Morphine

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Sub Morphine is a producer who was influenced by video games and computers to create electronic music in his own style. He was also influenced by UK Garage , House music and Trance


Sub Morphine also known as Sub Morphic is a Producer / DJ from London , England who has been producing for roughly about a year or so. He started making music when a friend had showed him a program called FL studio and taught him about Soft Synths and Sampling, soon later he wanted to learn more about producing and mixing and so began to experiment with the DAW more until he got the sound he wanted.

In 2012 Sub Morphine was approached by his local radio station BBC 3 Counties radio for a interview live on air and had his debut track "Let It Move You" played along side the interview.The next step after the interview was to release a Album/EP on a major store like iTunes or Spotify and 2 weeks later "Corrupted particles had appeared on Spotify and this was the Debut EP from Sub Morphine. Sub Morphine makes many different styles of music in the EDM range from Dubstep to House and usually puts his own twist on things.


A New Breed of Electronic (Album - Released 2012)
Corrupted Particles (EP - Released 2012)
- Let it Move You played on BBC Three Counties